Friday, February 18, 2011

comel gile.

lol guess what drama I'm addicted to right now.

you know, when you watch dramas like Dream High, you wonder if such an awesome school actually exists.

it does.

Congratulations to Song Seunghyun and Choi Minhwan pf FT Island who recently graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School! ^^ photos on

lol now I feel like a KPOP blogger. I should start blogging bout my own life now (although it mainly sucks).

so lets brief through the week.

Monday :

  • haha I actually can't remember... wait. okay nothing particularly interesting other than Eva was sick and her slow-ness really brought down my mood.
  • and it was friendship week. today's interaction with friends - high five them. 
Tuesday : 

  • Maulidur Rasul. holidayyy didn't actually do anything.
Wednesday :

  • went crazy with Syarifah and Zulaikha about Oh! My School and Dream High. we really need a life.
  • pat everyone's back (no not that back.)
  • hmm what's wrong with me
  • oh went to tuition cuz there wasn't any Pandu Puteri and I can't go on Sunday.
  • that reminds me. I really need to practice the piano. and do my homework.
Thursday : 

  • something happened that brought down my self-esteem.
  • bump fists with cool people.
Friday : 

  • The thing that bothered me was proven nothing but me thinking too much.
  • bro-hugged everyone awkwardly -guess who doesn't bro-hug people very much-
Saturday : 

  • Shitty stuff. as usual.
  • the play. woots for The Landlady.
  • sometimes I wonder if I'm just fuqing emotionless.
well life sucks anyway.
sorry but really I'm so not in any mood right now. If I was watching any variety show I'd probably perk up but right now my duty is to download songs.

well whatever.


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