Saturday, February 5, 2011

got that glitter on my eyes.

I repeated that for about 5 times before I actually believed it when I saw it on my Tumblr. 46?! I reacher 43, dropped till 35, and now it's FORTY-EFFING-SIX.

oh. yay.
lol cuz Xwei's got like, 300.

anyways, today I got back from Melaka. remember when I said I'll miss B2ST's showcase on Hitz?

so on Thursday night, Aunty Badar's kenduri was up and running. when we arrived it was around 7 so first thing to do was obviously solat. so while i was praying, I sort of heard someone mentioning "Korea". but I ignored it. maybe it's a mistake...

so after that the kenduri went on~ we were supposed to read the Yassin after Ishak, so while they were praying Ishak me and Kak Ain were sitting outside. when suddenly a girl with long hair, glasses and in shorts and t-shirt came. at first I really had no idea who that was. then I figured, it must be one of Aunty Badar's homestay customers. but takkan lah ada kenduri pun...? well, I guess business is business.

but then when three of these people came, one being a lady with curly hair, and the other a guy with glasses (this looks like the typical family of three - the parents and the youngest daughter) they started calling them "the Korean people" and mom was like telling me to go there and talk some Korean and I'm here like "I DON'T KNOW ANY KOREAN LOL" they just ate dinner then left though. although Kak Ain and I were already planning to talk about Korean dramas and singers (Kak Ain only knowing Full House, which is currently one of the shows I'm watching online now a days.)

the next day, I was discovered.

so we were having breakfast when Aunty Badar called someone and told them to invite the Koreans over for breakfast (since we're having a kenduri, the customers will have to sleep in a different house). so Aunty Badar was like, cleaning up the space in front of me. Kak Ain said "Elyna, your dream, they're going to eat in front of you!!" And I'm like " dream is for Taemin to eat in front of me but what the heck."

so yeah, they were eating breakfast while mom was layanning them. yes MY mom :) so proud HARR. they were talking to me too XD mom introduced the whole family and I was like "that was so unnecessary T T" so yeah.

the father works at Samsung at KL, and they live in Mont. Kiara. the girl goes to an international school, and is one year older than me. and guess what. SHE'S A SHAWOL TOO!!!! :DD unluckily, we didn't really get a chance to talk, her mom was talking for her like my mom was talking for me, so her mom was like "do you know any Korean actors?" and I said "I don't know any actors (duuh I watch like, three dramas and I never bother to find out bout the actors, sincerely.) but I know some singers, uumm, group singers.."

"which ones?"

"Umm, BEAST, SHINee..." then the girl pointed at herself "SHINEE!!!" she said excitedly. and I was like "OMG XDD" serious best giler. if only we had more time to talk XD I don't think we'd ever stop lol.

so that made up for missing the BEAST concert ;) mom even said she might try to get in contact with them, since Aunty Badar is a business card addict it might be possible, (cuz since Dad is an Education professor, he gets to know people from the Language department too since it's practically linked. you know. learning the language is important before you study it.) and so I'll get to meet her again!!! :D I'm worried she won't be so excited though

then after that we went to Melaka (Aunty Badar's house was at Kampung Lonek, N. Sembilan btw) and founa small hotel to sleep in. at night when Umar was sleepy mom and dad brought him back to the hotel while the four of us went to look around Melaka.
today, Kak Ain, Abang, Umar and I went to Afamosa Water World, and had serious loads of fun :) i fell out of the tube into the water plenty of times, and rode the slide twice and didn't feel scared harhar. seriously, there was nothing to be scared of. it wasn't like we were flying in mid-air which would actually be really awesome. I was even getting ready to scream, but unfortunately didn't really had the 'feel'. just screamed for fun though :)

at first when we arrived home I was like "owh God I can't do anything I need to sleep" but then when I touched the computer I couldn't sleeps HEEE.


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