Wednesday, February 2, 2011



my first ever bias lol.
but I think it was yesterday... 2nd February harhar... I'll check.
Nope. it's today ^^
CNY lagi lol.


Really don't wanna go out. Not today, today is a fine day to go out, thing is, we're going out until SATURDAY. TOMORROW, on Hitz there's gonna be the B2ST concert and I'm here like "omg what the hell am I missing T T" I really really really wanna watch it,b ut what to do... Family comes first.. but still. why not some other day?! T T

oh where are we going?

"Kita hanya merancang, Allah menentu" as mom said. So we're planning, that today we go to N. Sembilan to Aunty Badar's kenduri. although it'll be really sad, remembering Arwah Pak Itam :( then we sleep there for a night, the next day we set to Melaka, go to beach, makan-makan (a sort of picnic harr) then we set to Sarang Buaya.

really, we were planning to go to Segamat, but hearing bout the banjir... is it still flooding there? I haven't logged into FB for a while now, since Bakmal is online on his and I'm too scared to log off... (yes hours counts as a while. don't bother days, days would be like centuries)

anyways, recently I haven't been able to detain myself when I see my biases on TV. like last night I was watching KPOP Hitz, and Barae came on and I was like, waiting for the moment Seunghyun comes and when he did I was like frozen. he is the most gorgeous thing on Earth, really. he is the dreamiest of all dreamy people. gaarrgh.

then Lucifer came on and I was screaming and jumping all over the place and practically wailing the song while trying to grab Taemin out of the screen. am I that crazy?
naah. I'm just another fangirl hurr.


OH OH I DREW PICS OF MY TOP BIASES a.k.a. Jonghyun, Donghae, Taemin, Hyunseung and Seunghyun SHOULD I PUT IT UP? I WILL. SOON. OBVIOUSLY HAHA

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