Saturday, February 5, 2011

rantai buat si beruk.

I posted the dance ver because I really don't like the MV. I watched it on MTV and got really uncomfortable. but if you really want to, you can search the Clean Ver on YouTube :3


so like we all know I went to Melaka the other day with my family. at night, we went to search for souvenirs (before Umar got sleepy and stuff) so I got ten bucks to spend, and mom was tired of walking, so I went with Bakmal to search for souvenirs. so on our way to the building called "M*** Samudera" (and that's because I forgot, not because it's a bad word) Bakmal was all "So Bakmal nak belikan kawan Bakmal sorang ni something special sikit. Perempuan."


Lately, ever since Bakmal went to college, mom noticed somethings (that I didn't). like how he wears perfume and cares about how he looks. she really thinks he got a girlfriend, while I just thought you know, anything's possible. it could just be cuz he grew up :P

but hearing this, wow. Bakmal, who practically ignores all the girls in his secondary school, has a girlfriend.

so we went around, and my first opinion was that he bought a t-shirt, since he bought everyone else keychains. he kept saying frustratedly "Ape nak belikan beruk ni ek??" I just smiled. Bakmal never really showed affection. guys.

after going around, I saw someone buying a necklace and asking to write her name. I sincerely forgot these people existed - you know those guys who write names on stuff with markers and glitter pens and all, so that we pay and extra three bucks. I used to love those, but now I think it's just tacky. so I told Bakmal bout the necklace, and he asked which one would I pick. I told him, I'd pick the blue pendant, what's her favourite colour? but he didn't know.

so after a while of browsing, I showed him one glassy pendant, that's white and the reflection was colourful (you know, like the colours on a bubble). he said it looked nice, but really, it was just 5 bucks. after we bought it, he said it looks fake (HAHA obviously. it weighs like a feather) but I told him it's still pretty and the thought's what counts. so he told me to keep it and to not tell anyone.

that night while he went to the bank, I told Kak Ain and Abang.

just now, when we separated, I forgot to give him the necklace, and tonight he went out. I feel bad, and every time I feel like I should check if the necklace is still with me. I mean, it's for his girlfriend.

well if it weren't for me he wouldn't have found that necklace anyway, so ^^ he should be happy to have a sister like me :D


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