Friday, February 11, 2011

second day at andrew choo.

Jia Yi sat with us this time. and Andrew taught me Sejarah and Science. awesome. haha. when he said "Itula, kamu semua kena ada bimbingan, seorang pro macam saya." some kid (memang nak masuk neraka lol) said "PEGI MAMPOS LA" and Andrew couldn't even care.

the Geo teacher taught us Maths too (apparently she's Mrs. Choo lol) and Cikgu Din taught us BM, and he's really straight forward and funny lol. Suaidah was reading my story under the table when he told us to do tatabahasa exercises, then he passed by and Idah panicked. Cikgu Din saw the book and went like "Takpe, tengok la nota!! Tirulah, takpe, cikgu tak marah, cikgu bangga!!" and when he left we were laughing so much. cuz they weren't notes lol.

went back home with Ika and Idah and Azzam. we separated at the crossroad where I have to go right (to mom's office, and also on the way to my house) and they have to go straight (to their house, also on the way to their grandma's house). but at least I had someone to cross the road over to the Kawasan Melayu with. that's good enough. It was sort of fun too, getting to sweat from walking XD I enjoyed it <3


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