Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taemin's interview.

Elle Girl Interview
Q: At the morning after get up, first thing to do is?
Taemin: Using mobile phone to look at the time, and then take a bath
(me too!!)

Q: When eating eggs, would like to eat hibiscus(raw) eggs, partially cooked eggs, or fried eggs?
Taemin: Partially cooked

Q: When you look in the mirror, what part do you see the first?
Taemin: EYES! Looking my eyes in the mirror, like self hypnosis
(WTF same again)

Q: Football, baseball, basketball, the most favorite game?
Taemin: Football. I liked to play soccer since i was young. Favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo

Q: Between American Coffee, coffee latte, and frappuccino which one do you prefer?
Taemin: American coffee. Not really enjoy drinking it
(Taemin hates coffee. loves chips though. I was supposed to hate coffee too, but the other day I drank it and I was like "...hey, I ain't too bad.)

Q: Laundry, cooking, dishwashing, cleaning, which housework you hate the most?
Taemin: Laundry.
(CLEANING. it's ok Taeminnie, I'll do the laundry you go clean the toilet kekeke)

Q: Which seat do you prefer when you watching a movies in theater? also in the plane?
Taemin: In theater is the middle seat, in plane near the window seat

Q: How many times does it takes to dressed up in the morning? What the criteria on selecting clothes and shoes?
Taemin: I will get what i see. So it takes less than 5minutes to dressed up
(when at home lol.)

Q: I heard you like your stage fashion/costume the most?
Taemin: “Lucifer” Music Video black clothes/costume. A torn black jacket and skinny jeans

Q: Backpack, shoulder/crossed bag, tote bag, which one do you prefer?
Taemin: When i go to school, backpack. Normally when i go out, shoulder/crossed bag

Q: In terms of fashion items, which one would spend the most money?
Taemin: Prefer jackets, pants as well jacket

Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
Taemin: MP3, toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as wallet
(uwaaah, he takes care of his teeth :O)

Q: what are your most and least favorite subjects in school?
Taemin: Favorite subject is sports, hated the social subjects

Q: If you have a girlfriend, flowers, clothes, and rings, the most like a gift given to her what is it?
Taemin: Will put flowers in the ring

Q: a girl like a puppy, or a girl like a kitten, which one do you prefer?
Taemin: a girl who is like a kitten

Q: when you can buy a car,would you get a sports car or a luxury car?
Taemin: Although the two are wanted, but still would like to buy a luxury

Q: Which city did you have the most special first impression on? and which city would you like to go the most?
Taemin: wish go to Paris to see wanted and take a photo

Q: watching movies, reading books, buy the album, if you want to recommend it, would recommend which one?
Taemin: Secret it’s a book that will benefit everyone

Q: What words that you would like to added before the name “SHINee” is?
Taemin: “idols that can be developed” SHINee

Q: what is your most memorable memory?
Taemin: the moments when i can move my body along to the music without restrictions

Q: which member makes you laugh the most?
Taemin: Onew hyung. his gag is really funny

Q: If you can exchange/swap body with one members, who would you choose?
Taemin: The question really is so hard ah

Q: birthday when the mood is agitated or upset? Of age you do, you want to adulthood? Or hate the adult it?
Taemin: when my birthday is approaching i feel worried. it is as if time passes too quickly. i do not wish to become an adult

Q: To who do you wanted to said “I Love You” the most?
Taemin: Eve and Adam, my puppies
(not your parents lol?)

Q: what do you wish to accomplish the most?
Taemin: accumulate many valuable experiences, chat with friends, and work hard towards the goals i set for myself

Q: Three words to describe you ?
Taemin: determination, student, red? that’s all i can think of

red? RED?! seriously Taemin? out of all things. RED.


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