Tuesday, February 1, 2011

why do you love Hyunseung?

why do I love Hyunseung?


Kay so when I first saw B2ST, my attention was turned to the maknae Dongwoon and visual maknae Yoseob. I mistakenly told Ain that I like Gikwang, cuz seriously I didn't know any of them at that point.
but when I discovered who I actually meant was Yoseob, Ain said that was hers.
and I was like.. okay well he's in my top three then.
1. Yoseob
2. Doojoon
3. Dongwoon

after a while I was obviously OBSESSED with Yoseob and his aegyo. but he wasn't serious enough for me, really. and Ain like Yoseob first so since I'm such a good friend I decided to let go of him. Doojoon was taken by Hanis. Gikwang was taken by Syarifah (and she's a real fanatic too, don't mess with her AJ). Dongwoon was just too typically favourited. Junhyung just ain't good looking enough.
so that leaves me with Hyunseung and I'm like... why not?

reasons to like Jang Hyunseung
-he's just that adorable
-he's an awesome dancer (if not as good as Gikwang)
-he's an awesome singer (if not as good as Yoseob)
-he's the awkwardest with girls, according to the members and I just fuqing love shy boys <3 <3 <3 (mostly cuz he's all mysterious-y and he makes you wonder what exactly is he hiding that makes him so shy, but still)

but recently I found out my senior, Hanan likes him and I'm like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Ain was like "alaa ambik jela Junhyung" but NO. not that's he's that bad, he's awesum okayy. but idk, he's gangster look actually scares me O_O but at that moment I really couldn't think of anything...

but today, I discovered why I HAVE to have Hyunseung. seriously. more than Donghae. more than Jonghyun. more than Seunghyun. maybe not more than Taemin, but still.

Answers all questions.

btw I don't like Gikwang's over-rated abs.
over-rated abs was what made Jjong and Hae fall in my list of fandom, really.


extra info on Hyunseung (my bb<3)

Name : 장현승 (Jang Hyun Seung)
Former Stage Name: So-1
Role : Sub-leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
DOB: September 3, 1989
Nickname: Rancho
Education: Anshan Information Industry High School
Specialty: beat box
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Web surfing and bowling.
Info : He was eliminated from YG group Big Bang in the ninth episode of their documentary.

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