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Lee Joon of MBLAQ.

Full Name: Lee Changsun
Stage Name: Joon
Date of Birth: February 7, 1988
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

When I first started liking MBLAQ, I knew Joon was more of the popular type, and not wanting to have the same bias with everyone, I picked Mir as my bias. Plus he didn't look that hot in Stay. I started watching Maknae Rebellion to know the MBLAQ members better and as usual there's the talker-but-not-the-leader G.O.  (in SHINee it's Jonghyun) but otherwise I noticed that Mir is very... dorky XD he laughs at things that aren't very funny, or at least not everyone gets. And by watching Maknae Rebellion I actually fell more for Dongho from U-Kiss and Seunghyun from FT Island XD

The MBLAQ members in their earlier years.

From their first full album, BLAQ STYLE.
MV's available for songs Stay and Cry.

Then one day I was watching Oh! My School and suddenly I saw a new, familiar face. I was like "Isn't that.. maybe.. oh wow it is.. hmm" then when they introduced Joon I was like "MBLAQ!!!!!!!!!!!" cuz I was really into Cry at the moment XD then he started dancing for the class "Stay" and from then on I tried to learn the dance XD still a fail btw. that episode, they were talking about family so Joon's mom came. at the moment he seemed so serious, and his face was so straight, I can't help but laugh when I see him trying to control a smile that's coming.

the next episode, he flirted with a noona (as told ofc) and his face is like *straight* but then I can see he was looking right into the noona's eyes.

His deadly stare from Stay MV.

Then I saw he turned BLONDE for their mini album BLAQ STYLE 3D (consists of popular Again and also You & Can't Come Back <-- my current fav MBLAQ song.) and ever since I REALLY wanted to watch an episode with blonde him of Oh! My School.

And today, I did.

Without Hongki (he's officially off, along with Minho :'( so sad.) or Yoseob or any awesome guest stars to distract me, Joon totally killed me with his cuteness. Every once in a while the camera flashes to him his face is just in the most cutest expression ever. And he's really funny too, like how he fights for the microphone during games and he doesn't even know what the answer is. I think blonde really suits him XD

Joon on the set of Oh! My School.
His team won this episode, 
although I was hoping they'd lose because I wanted to see him getting make-up-ed XD

From Cry MV. 

That victorious 'Y' era.
Lets just let the boy show off a bit -_-"
I think he lost those abs though XD

Like I said. XD
From 'Again' performance.

His charming smile - biggest quality.

He is just so cool XD


Don't fret, old bias. 
Cute Bang Mir is still cute XD


I will never say never... unless the circumstances are appropriate for the situation I am in at the current time.

today, I embarrassed myself to the limit of never coming back to life.
I repeated history, really, I should really learn from the past, 
but I guess my body listens to my heart more than my brain.
Not that brain was functioning at the moment.


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you know what's funny? it seems like everyone finds it ridiculous other than the person who has more power herself.

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musically talented - not me.

Warning : full paragraphs up ahead.

Yesterday, I went to the gallery during recess. it was the second week since I did this on Mondays. Eva kept bringing me there so that we can discuss about songs for Onyx Sorbet. Although I might not be musically talented (or nor is many people in House of Musician, since it's just a role-playing group, not an actual group to make bands and create songs but whatever. we're special.) but Eva is in grade eight (which is awesome to achieve by the age of 13/14.) so I had a little help there.

Apparently, the orchestra had a late photo shoot for the school magazine, since on the day they were supposed to do the actual shoot rain poured (not literally). but thankfully the orchestra room (or the cooler name, Chamber of Music) was in the gallery, and that was where they were changing from their frilly purple shirt and blazer-and-pants suit to school clothes.

so I worked my way to the astaka to eat my Twiggies. I didn't exactly thought it through though, cuz after that I noticed that this was the PIBG building and a teacher could be peeking from the above balcony. or there could be a CCTV there. who knows. after a while I became restless and walked down to read the boards. finally after enjoying some background music by awesome orc peeps n the piano, Eva finally came out with Lavynia.

she didn't even notice me waving at her frantically until Lala pointed me out. what a friend she is. she came over to give me a hug and said she's sorry that she's late then we walked to the piano. like a respected senior that she is, she didn't even have to say anything, just pull that face of longing of the piano to her juniors, and they moved over. I gave her my lyrics (which suckkk) and she told me to sing it. I looked behind to see all those Mandarin-speaking humans who could be bitching about un-musically-talented me right now and told Eva "uhh."

after awhile she scolded me and started playing some chords herself. and it sounded nice weyh. after a while I went "Um, just asking, but are they all waiting for a turn on the piano?" and Eva agreed that we should get a move on. after that the Human gang started talking about husbands and children and two minute pregnancies then the bell rang and I left.

then we discovered that Japanese class for tomorrow was cancelled. I SMSed Eva and told her that maybe we can just stay back for fun :3 I'll bring my exam pieces and some songs I'd like you to play. then she told me that her and some other cool peeps joined a Band Competition thingy? The winner gets a 6 month recording deal and RM100,000. I was so shocked. Jing Ming on vocals (kinda unexpected, but then again I never heard the Head Prefect sing before) Lavynia on guitar, Jing Kai on bass, Steph (I'm not sure what her full name is) on keyboard and Eva's on drums @_@ like how much more talented can these humans be? I know Jing Kai is awesome on cello but I never knew she played bass.

the next day, which is coincidently today, we stayed back and I played (very suckish-ly) some classical songs. Eva asked if I like classical songs. see, I'm not choosy, but I'm only good at songs my teacher give me T_T shoot me in the head already. then I told her to play Xion's theme and she started wishing that Lavynia was there. she said she's bad at sight reading, but when she played it it was okay, but a bit slow. then I asked her to play To Zanarkand, and she said she knows it already >) then she played the beginning and forgot. (Eva plays by ear better.) then I showed her Afternoon Streets and it's kinda hard because the notes are so small. Then I gave her Hikari and she died.

Then Roxas's theme :3 a.k.a. Twilight Town. which is really sad and depressing (because Roxas has a sad story. mostly the reason I love him.) she tried it a bit and then she said she wanted to improvise. so I played the melody and she played this humongous thingy on the lower keys. it sounded seriously awesome. I should've recorded it, no joke. I want her to play it again soon. if she wants me to play the melody I'll practice (it's really simple anyway.) then she told me she already got awesome chords for my song lyrics, but then Wye Mei came and she forgot XD so she said she'll show me some other time.

then a person we're not very fond of came so Eva made an excuse of her not eating lunch for us to leave, then she started telling me how they're practicing Hello by SHINee but then she doesn't have much to do on drums for that songs. then she told me how Lala can just stare at the paper and start writing lyrics like that. somehow she's trying to convince me that Lavynia is better than her (Lala's our form btw). then I would like to hear Lala play :3 well technically I've heard her play unofficially, one of those days when I was in choir and we were practicing for Musical Night and all.  but ya know. maybe she can play a better version of Roxas's theme :D or even play Xion's theme for me! that would be so amazing. OR EVEN ALLEGRO CANTABILE ok I'm crapping

so among these wonderfully talented musicians, there lays my brother's soul, all talented. people keep praising him for his talent on the piano, you'd think I'd envy him which I do. but he stopped. he stopped playing. he was given a chance to start classes again since piano classes were on Sundays but he didn't take that chance.
but somehow recently he tried playing Ballade Pour Adeline on the piano and he made a decision. he's gonna start again.
I wish him the best of luck, because I know he's awesome and even though I'm incredibly jealous of his natural born talent, he is my brother and I should wish the best for him. I'm not really sure how far he'll go at this age but ya know. you'll never know.


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[Review] ‘First Step’ by CNBLUE

From the moment CNBLUE debuted in 2010, the 4-member band was quick in converting their Kpopspectators into head-bobbing fans with their fresh, soft-core rock style.
Having already tasted a morsel of stardom in Japan several months earlier, much of CNBLUE’s flight to Korean fame came from the help of front-man Jung Yonghwa’s acting debut in the 2009 hit drama,You’re Beautiful. Yonghwa showed off his acting chops as the character Kang Shin Woo (a member of the fictional band, A.N. JELL) alongside Park Shin HyeJang Geun Suk, and Lee Hong Ki.
As You’re Beautiful wrapped up by the end of December 2009, Jung Yonghwa’s life went from fiction to reality as he and the rest of CNBLUE (JonghyunJungshin, and Minhyuk) picked up their instruments and hit the stages to begin what has now transformed into a fulfilling, and idolized career in the Koreanpop music industry.
CNBLUE’s first Korean mini album, Bluetory, introduced a very mellow style with subtle traces of Western flairs resembling the sound of Maroon 5 circa 2003 (“Harder To Breathe”, “This Love”). By their second mini, titled Blue Love, the guys brought back a sense of familiarity, but with a much more laid back feel heard in tracks like “Love Light” and their 2010 summer hit, “Love.”
It’s 2011, and all four band members are back at it again. This time, armed with their first full-length album, “First Step”, with their lead single, “Intuition.”
“First Step” Track List:
01 직감
02 Love Girl
03 Imagine
04 I Don’t Know Why
05 Love Rides The Rain
06 Lie
07 One Time
08 Just Please
09 Wanna Be Like U
10 Ready N Go
11 Thank You
12 One Of A Kind
There were obvious similarities (most noticeable in the arrangement) between CNBLUE’s first single, “I’m A Loner,” and their second, “Love,” but the resemblance is nothing but roaring in “Intuition.”
For the second time, CNBLUE has released a single that rings loudly as I’m A Loner Version 3.0 more than anything else.
Intuition” consists of the same minimalistic arrangement and ‘deep deep dah dee doo’s that seem less of a progressive addition to their repertoire and more of a sly effort to repackage the format that made them popular in the first place. The ‘rock’ influences, glimmers of rap, and inviting melodies made a great first impression one year ago, but this time around it has become some-what predictable, and slightly underwhelming to hear the basic structure make its third appearance on a lead single.
One of the up sides to “Intuition” is that it can easily be recognized as a CNBLUE song. These guys are a pop-rock band, so they already know their niche; their music stands out among the crowd of Kpop.  But there’s something unnerving about hearing a lack of progression in CNBLUE’s singles. Lead tracks are meant to encompass the style of the artist while showcasing a new sound, new outlook, and a new risk; in other words, something new that adds to the characteristics of the artists. You could say that this idea of a leading track applies to bands more than to pop stars because bands don’t have the liberty to hop scotch from one genre to the next. It’s all about innovation and authenticity when it comes to bands, so have CNBLUE run out of ideas? Is it the fact that someone else wrote this song for them? Or are they simply resting on their laurels? It’s really hard to say, but luckily, most of the disappointment falls on the lead single. The rest of the album seems to (for the most part) move with a different stride in its step.
Love Girl,” the second song on the album, has a lighter tone than “Intuition.” It features a nice bass line and a gorgeous hook that leads right into a catchy chorus. This song has very strong commercial appeal and it does a better job of summarizing CNBLUE’s “First Step”; it’s melodic and very pop.
Earlier, I referred to CNBLUE as a soft-core rock band and what I meant by that is that they sound better and far more in tune with one another in their slow-to-mid tempo tracks. When CNBLUE starts diving into the ‘rock’ side of their style with some of their up tempo songs, they (ironically) start losing steam and authenticity as a rock band, and that’s just not who they are. CNBLUE is not rock. They are a pop band influenced by rock elements (“Wanna Be Like U” solidifies that statement; they’re auto-tuned).  “Ready N Go” (a playful and quick paced song) is sung perfectly fine, but the overall style is not believable enough to be taken seriously, especially when the arrangement leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t mean the song’s not good, it’s just ‘amateur’ and obviously veered toward a younger, more mainstream psychographic.
As a band, CNBLUE relies heavily on the pretty timbres of their voices, and because of that their arrangements are almost always too low-key. The overall mixes of the songs on “First Step” don’t sound adequate for any band, so there isn’t enough thrill or energy within this album.  Instead, it’s overflowing with sweet, sweet melodies. CNBLUE lives to sound pretty, and that’s exactly what is happening in “First Step.”
CNBLUE is gifted with not one, but two amazing vocalists. Being the leader, Jung Yonghwa takes over most of the lead vocals in the band’s songs. He has a very smooth voice and a broad range that sounds the best when he’s delivering notes from his higher register, like in the chorus of “I Don’t Know Why”, as well as when he’s harmonizing with Jonghyun.
I don’t know how these two found each other to form a band, but Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s singing voices work together perfectly.
Jonghyun has one of the most appealing timbres in Kpop. It’s a little husky, and it’s resonant likeKyuhyun’s of Super Junior. Jonghyun has great technique and his control is so tight, that he makes singing emotive songs like his solo ballad, “Love Rides The Rain,” sound absolutely effortless. He helps give CNBLUE an edge as far as vocal performance goes because, with a voice like that, they can deliver strong and enjoyable singing for their audience to listen to every single time.
In “Lie”, Jonghyun and Yonghwa merge their deep and smooth voices to offer a pleasant listening experience as they trade off one line to the next, allowing one another to shine with the other singer weaving in to make clean transitions.
These songs  showcase the group’s chemistry and unified strength as singers and musicians, and those traits aren’t easy to come by.
The majority of “First Step” was written and composed by CNBLUE members, and for that they deserve two thumbs up. The lead single is lukewarm at best, but fortunately the rest of the album helps add a dash of interest with an array of really pretty songs and smooth vocals.
The production is clean and tidy. However, the ho-hum arrangements give a sense of redundancy half way through the album. It’s understood that CNBLUE won’t be flying across the stage or breaking their guitars against an amp any time soon, but a hefty dose of aggression and bold sounds could have really meshed well the maturity level of some of the songs in”First Step.” Either way, CNBLUE have stuck to their guns and have brought their signature style back into Korean pop music.
Overall Rating: 4/5

(Source :

because I don't have much knowledge.

For my BM lisan, teacher told us to talk about 'isu semasa' (latest issues) so I'm wondering if I should talk about the Japan tsunami and earthquake or Libya's war. a lot of people are doing Japan, so I searched about Libya. Apparently, there aren't full information about the matter. Before I die, can you guys help me? I'm gonna have to write an article for my lisan for Pn. Sabariah. She may not be the toughest teacher I know, but she definitely is tough. Ask YenF and the rest of 3 Gigih.

So please, help me. Any useful information at all. Or even better if you've done your lisan you can always gimme your article


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with the Sri Aman Girl Guides~ (GIGASA~)

(Warning : long post ahead.)

In Girl Guides, or in Malay, Pandu Puteri, you can collect various badges by showing your talents. some collect so many, that they can receive a very high award - the Queen's guide.


Wednesday morning, random girls came to KL Central KTM station wearing their school t-shirts and jeans with sneakers (except for two girls who apparently didn't get their e-mails). These girls were named (according to arrival) Shazrina, Shahirah, Elyna, Zulaikha, Dhanya, Michaelle, Sharvin, Zalika and Shahira (they're siblings. and notice that Shahira Jamil has no H at the back, so then you guys can differenciate them.), Xueh Wei, Nadhrah, Chi Yen and Uma. Their parents waited a while with them before the train arrival.

a certain girl named Elyna felt really sad to leave her mom, but was excited for this trip. She sat next to Zulaikha and had a nice long train ride. the train arrived at Singapore at around 5:45 to 6. the girls finally got on land when the got out of the last station of the KTM train in Woodland. there, a van fetched them and got the to theirhotel - The Grand Central Hotel.

This hotel was situated behind Orchard Road and was classified as three star. but to Elyna, it was quite good :3 they should've rated it 4 star, she thought. the rooms were comfortable and fitted three people in a room. Elyna's room mates were Nadhrah and Xueh Wei. Elyna got the twin bed,while Nadhrah and Xueh Wei shared the queen :3

the thirteen students, two teachers and a tour guide used two floors. the sixth and the fourth. Elyna and her cool roommates got into the cool sixth floor, with the cool Zalika, Uma and Shahira. the others weren't as cool as we were, so they got fourth floor. (lol. more like we were too slow and were the last ones to get the room cards. but whatever.)

so after that they went to catch a bus for dinner. But the bus was so late, that they decided to go and use the MRT instead. the rush filled the girls with adrenaline. they ran and shuffled their feet quickly so that they won't be seperated from anyone. Finally, they got to their station, Bugis. There, they went to Zam Zam, a mamak-like shop that sold their famous murtabak. It was delicious, but the amounts were large and bloated the girls' stomach. either way, they got up on their feet and went on with the schedule.

the girls walked to Marina Bay, the famous place in Singapore where the Merlion stood. apparently, there were some complications that avoided the girls to see the merlion (go to Singapore yourself!). it was such a dissapointment. either ways, the girls visited man historical places and learned many things. one of the ineteresting spots were the Fullerton Hotel, which use to be a huge office/building, but was now reused as a hotel. Elyna finds it rather creepy, to have an old building with so many stories behind every door being reused for a one night stay.

other than that, there were many other creepy stories, just as many as other ineteresting stories. after the 'tour' was done, the girls got back to their hotel and got a good rest. the next morning was going to be tiring.

the day after, the girls got into their white school t-shirts and Girl Guide pants and went for breakfast. then Michaelle told them to wear their scarves on the collar of their t-shirt. so the floor-6 girls went to the toilet and wore their scarves. there, a lady asked them if they were from Malaysia. they had a nice small conversation and then they had to leave for Raffles Girls School.

the school wasn't very far away from Orchard Road. when the girls first entered, they were amazed by the modern architechture of the school. the buildings were painted green and white, the colours of the school. the first thing that caught the girls' eyes were the huge posters hung on the main building. Elyna suspected it was the houses, but who knows for sure.

they stepped into the school and looked around while the teachers went to search for the teacher in charge. when the teacher finally appeared, the girls were told to leave their bags in an auditorium. after that, they were brought around for a while, until they were introduced to their fellow Girl Guides, and were sent to join the others.

the girls were seperated into two patrols, Kittens and Duckies. Sharvin was the leader of the Kittens patrol, and Uma, Elyna, Shahira, Chi Yen and Shazrina were the rest of the patrol members. Xueh Wei was the leader of the Duckies patrol, with Nadhrah, Dhanya, Zulaikha and Shahirah under her. so they went into different classes.

the amazing thing was, when Elyna entered the room she was brought to, she saw a B2ST poster at the back of the class, exposed to any creature that enters the room. then, Shahira noticed their lockers. they were filled with writable stickers, and on them, were Korean names. Elyna and Shahira got excited for awhile, but then they had to get to business. Girl Guide business.


so they practiced some songs and games, until they were called to the void deck. GIGASA (Girl Guide Association of Sri Aman) went along with the schedule, and followed behind. they were pulled into random patrols - Elyna and Zulaikha being in Exora, Xueh Wei in Sunflower alone, Michaelle and Sharvin in Morning Glory, Nadhrah and Shahira in the same patrol (with an unknown name) and the others were unknown to the writer. (harr) after that, they were told to get into random groups again, with at least a person from each sec (short for secondary, the Singaporean version of 'form') and were told to dress a person up... with newspaper and other crappy stuff.

so they did. the results were quite okay. afterwards they were told to go back to their patrols, then the Singaporean girls changed into casual clothes - they were going out for lunch.

the GIGASA girls were given money for the bus rides, but the Exora's walked to their choice of restaurant - Pastamania. Morning Glory and Nadhrah and Shahira's unknown group name arrived earlier because they got the bus. the girls were really friendly, Vanessa, the patrol leader being a SHINee fan (squeal) and the others being... normal humans beings who talk (harr). after we ate, we had some spare time so we walked around for a while. we got to see how their malls were like, and the fact that they had escalators practically everywhere amazed Elyna and Zulaikha.

Elyna tried to talk this girl in their patrol, but it was very awkward. well, at least some type of effort was put in it. they got a bus back to Raffles, and it only cost them 55 cents. they gave back the balance to the teacher. the GIGASA girls started talking of course about their experience, and some of them made sure they spoke full Malay around the Singaporeans so that they wouldn't get it if they were talking badly about them. they were told to get into patrols again, but GIGASA stayed aside. they asked where they can go to the young leaders, and GIGASA were given a chance to choose whether to learn how to set up A-tents or the flagpole. They decided to do the tents.

the tents were huge, bigger then what the GIGASA girls had ever used. it could fit around 5 to 6 people, compared to the limit of three people in each tent they usually get at camps. the way of setting it up was different too. they actually had to use the knots they learned during meetings.. which weren't a lot, so compared to the Singaporean girls, they seemed kinda dumb. Xueh Wei even messed up a knot and since they used twine, opening the knot was suffering. thank God, the person who gave her a try, Laura, was so nice and didn't even mind much.

after that, they were told to get into patrol and some commotion happened, then I believe we were practicing the Horse Shoe formation, which GIGASA didn't even know how the formation went. the girls were like "just follow them, just follow them". for the second round of practice, GIGASA were asked if they wanted to stay aside and just watch. Perhaps we were a burden, Elyna thought. so GIGASA stayed aside to watch. after that was cleaning up time, so GIGASA were sent to a room to pray and relax.

so they did. after a while, some Singaporean Girl Guides came into the room and gave the candle holders to decorate with permanent markers. they each got one, and Elyna's first candle holder was lame with butterflies and hearts. she was so out of ideas. she glanced to her left and saw Michaelle had already done a nice pattern for hers. Shahira was on her right, urging her to give her an idea. suddenly she mentioned the name "Bazil".

Elyna turned. "What did you just say?" Shahira told her to do hers first then she'll tell. so Elyna did do Shahira's holder and Shahira told how Adilah leaked the secret. Elyna could not believe that someone she barely knows knew about her past. but she poisoned herself, cuz then Shahira knew it was true and started teasing her. It was shitty for Elyna. I mean, who'd wanna be reminded of her stupid, stupid past?

they were told that dinner was ready, so they finished up and went for dinner. they Singaporean Girl Guides had this 'Meal Ring' that they created where they sit on the floor in a huge circle. the circle was an imaginary table, so none of the girls could cross over the circle. they weren't allowed to raise up their polysteryne boxes neither. it needed some gettin used to, but the girls adapted.

Xueh Wei introduced her friend to Elyna and Zulaikha. she was a huge K-POP fan too, and they got all excited. although she was a sort-of hater. (like I can still except people's weaknesses, especially in front of a person who loves that person, I'd just have to bring it down and not be rude about it.) after dinner, GIGASA changed in the canteen toilet, which was cramped. but they managed.

after they changed, they went to the campfire site. they had set up a bon in the middle of a huge circle of Singaporean Girl Guides, with four stick-towers making a square around the bon. it wasn't lighted yet. after getting comfortable, the MCs (which included Exora's PL, Vanessa) finally started the campfire. the fire was lit by a teacher, and so the performances started. they weren't bad, but they weren't excellent neither. they had to stick to their themes, and insert in songs in the performance, so it should be quite hard for them. when the performances ended, they played some games and then, the last performance, by the GIGASA girls. they sang a re-written song and messed up a bit, but it was still okay. when Elyna got back to her patrol, one of the girls said they were good. "Suuure," Elyna replied sarcastically.

after that, they were told tat they could give each other contact numbers and such. then they were given their candle holders and were told to stand in a circle. someone explained that this was a tradition, the passing on of a fire to each guide. so they did just that, until everyone had their candles lit and they started singing. the GIGASA had to go though, so it was really sad.

-personal opinion-
Even though everyone thought it was so nice and sweet and romantic, I can't help but think how this was against Islam, you know all this spiritual crap, about how doing such thing symbolizes doing such such such. it's kinda obvious why we don't do this in Malaysia. All the ustazah's would stop us anyway.
-end of personal opinion-

so after saying our goodbyes, GIGASA got onto their van and left. Sharvin asked, "So... where are we going after this?"

so after that, it was decided that he girls would go to Orchard road to do some shopping. ironically, the girls barely bought anything and instead got into loggerheads with each other. but in the end everyone was fine. they never entered O.G. though. it was holding a huge sale too. sigh.

that night, Elyna and her roommates were bored staying in their room and doing the usual stuff (e.g. watching TV, eating snacks) so they decided to go to room 644, Zalika's room. when they got there, they were told to keep quite for awhile. Zalika told how something creepy happened on floor 4, and they worried for awhile. there was even a time when we had to go down, but then it was just a false alarm. so they started playing around and in the end they decided that they'd sleep in that room. mainly cuz Nadhrah and Xueh Wei were too lazy to move their butts.

the next morning, some of the girls had breakfast at a mamak stall. they had fun eating something familiar to what they usually ate at Malaysia, rather than worrying if the food were halal or not :> except there was cheese prata, which was like roti canai with cheese in it, and Milo Dinosaur (which reminded me of Jonghyun). the girls got back to the hotel and went into teacher's room to reevaluate the whole trip. after that, GIGASA went out~! :D

the shops weren't open yet when GIGASA got on Orchard road, so they decided to visit a historical place (omg how bad is my memory? I can't even remember the name of the hill...) then they went shopping. Since it was the last day they had at Singapore, Zalika decided to just buy anything. Zulaikha bought necklaces which were on promo for her and Su'aidah. Elyna contemplated whether to buy a pair flats in Cotton On or not, but in the end bought it. Shahira wanted to buy shoes at Nike, but it wasn't opened yet. Xueh Wei and Nadhrah bought no more, and I have no idea about the others.

they were told to buy lunch and dinner at McDonalds (it's halal, thank God lol.) then went back to the hotel to check out. then we went to the train station and that's where Elyna bought her family souvenirs T_T such a bad girl, that Elyna. then the got on the train, and for they first few hours, they slept. the form 2 girls, Shazrina and Shahirah, took pictures of the people sleeping. (I hated them so much for it. macam takde kerja lain. I know I'm the ugliest when I sleep in public transport, seriously.) then when Elyna woke up, she tried to spend her time with reading her book, but she just couldn't settle. in the end, she sat next to Shahira and watched a couple of MV's on Uma's iPhone before they watched the movie "Diary of A Wimpy Kid".

after they finished, they went to the eating cabin and listened to ghost stories. they finally entered Selangor when they finished, and got back to their seats. GIGASA made a lot of noise and disturbed many many people, but girls will forever be girls (teacher said this, seriously). and they finally arrived! :) everyone reunited with their family safely and happily~ the end~


I forgot to insert these through out the story, mainly because I forgot most of them and where we found them, but me and Zalika were so obsessed with seeing hot guys. later, Uma and Shahira joined in. The ones I'm about to list down are only people who Shahira remembered, so yea.

Hot guy Number One : Nickhun look-a-like. his hair was a bit darker and her had a girlfriend and was a bit short too, but Shahira can't stop saying he's hot. my opinion is that he needs to tweez his eyebrows. well he still looks like Nickhun though so whatever.

Hot guy Number Two : Taemin's Hair Stealer. seriously, his hair was blonde and wavy like Taemins, from the back you'd think it was Taemin, although he was kinda taller. plus he had these deep dimples... Gawd, he was hot.

Hot guy Number Three :  The Guy with Hot Hair at the Train Station. this was definitely the best looking. we only saw him from inside the train. we forgot which station it was. he was with his friends, and he was really really handsome. seriously, the four of us were drooling over him lol. I think he noticed us too haha.

mencuci mata macam tu je dah cukup, ya rakan-rakan semua... jangan mencontohi sikap kami yang suka mencuci mata, even dekat luar negara. tak elok sebenarnya, lagi-lagi gadis-gadis Melayu terakhir ni harr. kena ade maruah sikit lah hek.


Only 24 hours later did I find out that Eva was practically metres away from us while all this happened, and with Korean people too. imagine four Koreans guys brought to you by destiny and you can't even understand them. Eva serious shiat, I'm going to hug you until you die on Monday.


Lately I've been so into ZE:A T_T


Friday, March 18, 2011

no matter how tired I am.

Am I taller than Ain?

no.. but if you compare shoulders yea.

Ain, diri tegak! Now?

...Well, look on the bright side. she's shorter than me.


Ain, stop growing. Wait for me.

(You don't have to read this. sometimes I just like to type out everything, even the crappy bits of things.)

I went to tuition today even though I was so tired from the Singapore trip (will post later). got into different class as my pals again (damn waking up late!!!) but it wasnt much of a big deal cuz Ika, Idah and Dina didn't come neither. and I got into a class with Jia Yi and Thivyaa.

every few minutes or so I'd have to change my position because I'd be too tired. then I get really uncomfortable, what with my glasses and all, so I'd have to get up and actually concentrate. Jia Yi asked me, "Are you tired?" and I said yea. "Are you sleepy?" Not really, just really tired. "If you're sleepy, then listen to this and you be sleepy anymore," she said, giving me one of her earphones to her iPod. I gave it a go, but regretted it. I told her to change the song, PLEASE, but she didn't want to. Instead, she compressed a laugh into a grin. =.=

"I just had se--"

I pulled off the earphone. I know this song. I've heard it before, not doing it again. and I hated Akon for it.

After a while I was getting bored so I looked around. I saw Benny Wong, a.k.a. Lip Jun (his SSP name) siting next to Aiman, another SSP schoolmate. then I noticed some other humans I know. none of the girls though, the girls were total strangers to me. then I looked to my right and saw Jia Yi. Jia Yi's really pretty, and  she was wearing a pair of earring so that made her prettier. to my left, there was Thivyaa, who was wearing a really nice blouse. So nice, that I noticed the guy in front of her flirted with her a bit when she accidentally kicked his chair. And here I am, looking tired, and dressed like a monkey. yea sure my Singapore flats would make a huge difference (as if anyone would know I bought it from Cotton On in Singapore).

After a while I got bored and I asked for the earphones from Jia Yi. thank God, this time it's another song. I took sometime adjusting to having the song beating in my cochlea and having to get what crap Andrew just said. then, class ended.

I waited a while for Ain, Syarifah and Khairun to come out. then we went out together. Khairun started on how she met this guy she'd been interested in from tuition at Sunway. I felt happy for her (even though I have no idea who this person is) but I want to have someone to be interested in from tuition too :( thing is, even if a miracle happened and the person I was interested in from tuition (ehem ehem the guy with the flat hair and glasses who's alway listening to his iPod. the main reason I never mentioned him to my friends hurr.) I would never actually use those opportunities. I would mess it up and be all sombong. I hate it when I do that but that's just how I am with guys. somehow.

so afterwards I told Ain how I felt about sitting between the two. she didn't say anything for a while. then she suddenly asked if Lavynia was still in our school. I said yea, why did you asked that? and she told me that she haven't seen her in awhile. she asked me how was she (as if I'd know) and if her hair grew or something. I guess it must've a been a real while since she saw Lavynia, so I just told her she cut her hair. I guess she doesn't like to leave her hair long. then my brother came. thank God for that, cuz I don't wanna talk about someone I barely know lol.

and that's the end of my boring story. Singapore trip, coming up! :3