Friday, March 4, 2011

all i wanna do is make you rock,

so I haven't been updating lately (harr. its not like I can anyway, no matter what the circumstances) and I just went through the first exam/test of the year 2011. It felt great when I got high marks for Science, Maths, Agama and Geo, but when I marked my KH paper and got 12 wrongs... I just felt crappy.

no, I actually felt crappy ever since Wednesday. it was as if that small incident just triggered it all. then on Thursday suddenly my friends had to leave me in class and I had no way to go and I felt crappier. today I just said "I feel crappy" a lot and so I did.

anyways. dinner today we went to Amcorp and we met Atiqah a.k.a. Tiqod, a senior working there! I don't know her that well, but I could recognize her. she recognized me too. I wish she didn't mentioned anything though, mom was being annoying.

and since my life is as boring as the story of how the earbud was created, I shall now give you spoilers lol. you don't have to watch. but just telling, just skipping a couple of episodes I can already tell what's gonna happen.

oh  yeah, another thing, I created a KPOP blog. but I havent posted anything or done anything to it, so I won't tell you guys the URL yet. although I gotta thank those peeps who vandalized with me on the Science lab table for giving me inspiration ;)

another vid of 2PM XD They're so cute~


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