Sunday, March 27, 2011

because I don't have much knowledge.

For my BM lisan, teacher told us to talk about 'isu semasa' (latest issues) so I'm wondering if I should talk about the Japan tsunami and earthquake or Libya's war. a lot of people are doing Japan, so I searched about Libya. Apparently, there aren't full information about the matter. Before I die, can you guys help me? I'm gonna have to write an article for my lisan for Pn. Sabariah. She may not be the toughest teacher I know, but she definitely is tough. Ask YenF and the rest of 3 Gigih.

So please, help me. Any useful information at all. Or even better if you've done your lisan you can always gimme your article




    maybe this might help. the story almost the same;

    - abusive leaders,
    - leaders usually dari keturunan, bukan dari sistem demokrasi (pilihanraya),
    - leaders using people's money for weapons, their entertainment, etc etc.
    - poor people can't stand anymore, they went riot.

  2. @_@ serious tak prasan this comment... thank you so much but I wrote my lisan already >_<"
    thank you anyways... I will use this in the near future!!