Friday, March 11, 2011

i'm going to kill Ika.


Alya Zulaikha is currently in front of the music player, listening to SNSD while reading a comic of mine. I guess I can understand that she's uncomfortable in my brother's room.

But annoyingly, she decided to force Azfar to send her to my house. And even more annoying, she didn't even warn me and I just walked to the front door, then I saw Azfar and I'm like, "...HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HIDE MY HAIR..."

and knowing Azfar... yesterday Ika and Suaidah were both here and Azfar called. Idah told him they're at my house and he kirim salam. So tetau jelah die tu alim sket. hurr. sedihnye. maruah I... my puffy hair... my weird fringe.. I'm gonna dieee....


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