Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lets have a safe trip.

52 followers on my Tumblr like FINALLY.

It's been quite some time since I Locked myself in my room and cried. I guess it should be time. All this last-minute getting ready for the Singapore trip had really been stressing me out. I feel like my hair's gonna fall out soon. I don't have the Malaysian badge. I don't have an orange ribbon. Seriously, I'm just gonna die then and there when I get to KL Central and they'll all go like " OMG you're suck a bad Girl Guide. You don't deserve to go."

Truthfully, I just don't wanna care anymore. But what can I do? I just can't help but care. And when I don't care, people look down on me and think I'm so selfish and shit. Well if I care then I just won't get things my way. I'll just have to follow everyone around me and I won't be able to make any decisions.

I've been such a burden to my parents lately. Just when I thought things were going fine then something will happen and we'll be frowning at each other, not understanding why the other party is doing as so. Then in an hour we'll go back to the original state, but no one is actually okay. And most of the time I'm the one who's feeling no, things aren't right, this isn't supposed to happen.

I just hate it when things don't go as planned.

I hate my brother so much for losing my SIM card. Now, I got a new number (013 2585708). I have to. I'm going to another country. I hate him for smoking too, because now just because I hang out in my brother's room to use the laptop, my dad suspects I'm going to smoke and take drugs and shit. COME ON LA. Benci nye.

How can I not be stressed klike this? my parents just can't leave me the fuck alone. They jsut want things to go their way. they say its for the best. fdude! jfknhesklf,m.ask;.aebwgkjdshkj/l,

I can't go on typing like that nanti the laptop rosak mati I.

They don't know anything. No, they don't know me.


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