Tuesday, March 29, 2011

musically talented - not me.

Warning : full paragraphs up ahead.

Yesterday, I went to the gallery during recess. it was the second week since I did this on Mondays. Eva kept bringing me there so that we can discuss about songs for Onyx Sorbet. Although I might not be musically talented (or nor is many people in House of Musician, since it's just a role-playing group, not an actual group to make bands and create songs but whatever. we're special.) but Eva is in grade eight (which is awesome to achieve by the age of 13/14.) so I had a little help there.

Apparently, the orchestra had a late photo shoot for the school magazine, since on the day they were supposed to do the actual shoot rain poured (not literally). but thankfully the orchestra room (or the cooler name, Chamber of Music) was in the gallery, and that was where they were changing from their frilly purple shirt and blazer-and-pants suit to school clothes.

so I worked my way to the astaka to eat my Twiggies. I didn't exactly thought it through though, cuz after that I noticed that this was the PIBG building and a teacher could be peeking from the above balcony. or there could be a CCTV there. who knows. after a while I became restless and walked down to read the boards. finally after enjoying some background music by awesome orc peeps n the piano, Eva finally came out with Lavynia.

she didn't even notice me waving at her frantically until Lala pointed me out. what a friend she is. she came over to give me a hug and said she's sorry that she's late then we walked to the piano. like a respected senior that she is, she didn't even have to say anything, just pull that face of longing of the piano to her juniors, and they moved over. I gave her my lyrics (which suckkk) and she told me to sing it. I looked behind to see all those Mandarin-speaking humans who could be bitching about un-musically-talented me right now and told Eva "uhh."

after awhile she scolded me and started playing some chords herself. and it sounded nice weyh. after a while I went "Um, just asking, but are they all waiting for a turn on the piano?" and Eva agreed that we should get a move on. after that the Human gang started talking about husbands and children and two minute pregnancies then the bell rang and I left.

then we discovered that Japanese class for tomorrow was cancelled. I SMSed Eva and told her that maybe we can just stay back for fun :3 I'll bring my exam pieces and some songs I'd like you to play. then she told me that her and some other cool peeps joined a Band Competition thingy? The winner gets a 6 month recording deal and RM100,000. I was so shocked. Jing Ming on vocals (kinda unexpected, but then again I never heard the Head Prefect sing before) Lavynia on guitar, Jing Kai on bass, Steph (I'm not sure what her full name is) on keyboard and Eva's on drums @_@ like how much more talented can these humans be? I know Jing Kai is awesome on cello but I never knew she played bass.

the next day, which is coincidently today, we stayed back and I played (very suckish-ly) some classical songs. Eva asked if I like classical songs. see, I'm not choosy, but I'm only good at songs my teacher give me T_T shoot me in the head already. then I told her to play Xion's theme and she started wishing that Lavynia was there. she said she's bad at sight reading, but when she played it it was okay, but a bit slow. then I asked her to play To Zanarkand, and she said she knows it already >) then she played the beginning and forgot. (Eva plays by ear better.) then I showed her Afternoon Streets and it's kinda hard because the notes are so small. Then I gave her Hikari and she died.

Then Roxas's theme :3 a.k.a. Twilight Town. which is really sad and depressing (because Roxas has a sad story. mostly the reason I love him.) she tried it a bit and then she said she wanted to improvise. so I played the melody and she played this humongous thingy on the lower keys. it sounded seriously awesome. I should've recorded it, no joke. I want her to play it again soon. if she wants me to play the melody I'll practice (it's really simple anyway.) then she told me she already got awesome chords for my song lyrics, but then Wye Mei came and she forgot XD so she said she'll show me some other time.

then a person we're not very fond of came so Eva made an excuse of her not eating lunch for us to leave, then she started telling me how they're practicing Hello by SHINee but then she doesn't have much to do on drums for that songs. then she told me how Lala can just stare at the paper and start writing lyrics like that. somehow she's trying to convince me that Lavynia is better than her (Lala's our form btw). then I would like to hear Lala play :3 well technically I've heard her play unofficially, one of those days when I was in choir and we were practicing for Musical Night and all.  but ya know. maybe she can play a better version of Roxas's theme :D or even play Xion's theme for me! that would be so amazing. OR EVEN ALLEGRO CANTABILE ok I'm crapping

so among these wonderfully talented musicians, there lays my brother's soul, all talented. people keep praising him for his talent on the piano, you'd think I'd envy him which I do. but he stopped. he stopped playing. he was given a chance to start classes again since piano classes were on Sundays but he didn't take that chance.
but somehow recently he tried playing Ballade Pour Adeline on the piano and he made a decision. he's gonna start again.
I wish him the best of luck, because I know he's awesome and even though I'm incredibly jealous of his natural born talent, he is my brother and I should wish the best for him. I'm not really sure how far he'll go at this age but ya know. you'll never know.


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