Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the new background.

To YenF.
Your background is just fine. it's really cool, sincerely. there's nothing wrong with it at all.

Kk bout my new background :D truthfully, I was too lazy to pick out an awesomely-edited picture for my background again so I decided to go in my blog and click 'random' until I found something okay, which in the end was Dubu (Onew and his love for tofu <3)
then I wanted to pick a different template cuz if I kept to 'Travel' then might as well not change at all. so then I picked out the fonts, and picked 'School Bell' for my main font, cuz well, my writing is that bad (harr). I wanted to choose "Homemade Apple" for the blog title, but it didn't work out T T so I guess "Rock Salt" is fine.

so watchu think? ;)


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