Friday, March 18, 2011

no matter how tired I am.

Am I taller than Ain?

no.. but if you compare shoulders yea.

Ain, diri tegak! Now?

...Well, look on the bright side. she's shorter than me.


Ain, stop growing. Wait for me.

(You don't have to read this. sometimes I just like to type out everything, even the crappy bits of things.)

I went to tuition today even though I was so tired from the Singapore trip (will post later). got into different class as my pals again (damn waking up late!!!) but it wasnt much of a big deal cuz Ika, Idah and Dina didn't come neither. and I got into a class with Jia Yi and Thivyaa.

every few minutes or so I'd have to change my position because I'd be too tired. then I get really uncomfortable, what with my glasses and all, so I'd have to get up and actually concentrate. Jia Yi asked me, "Are you tired?" and I said yea. "Are you sleepy?" Not really, just really tired. "If you're sleepy, then listen to this and you be sleepy anymore," she said, giving me one of her earphones to her iPod. I gave it a go, but regretted it. I told her to change the song, PLEASE, but she didn't want to. Instead, she compressed a laugh into a grin. =.=

"I just had se--"

I pulled off the earphone. I know this song. I've heard it before, not doing it again. and I hated Akon for it.

After a while I was getting bored so I looked around. I saw Benny Wong, a.k.a. Lip Jun (his SSP name) siting next to Aiman, another SSP schoolmate. then I noticed some other humans I know. none of the girls though, the girls were total strangers to me. then I looked to my right and saw Jia Yi. Jia Yi's really pretty, and  she was wearing a pair of earring so that made her prettier. to my left, there was Thivyaa, who was wearing a really nice blouse. So nice, that I noticed the guy in front of her flirted with her a bit when she accidentally kicked his chair. And here I am, looking tired, and dressed like a monkey. yea sure my Singapore flats would make a huge difference (as if anyone would know I bought it from Cotton On in Singapore).

After a while I got bored and I asked for the earphones from Jia Yi. thank God, this time it's another song. I took sometime adjusting to having the song beating in my cochlea and having to get what crap Andrew just said. then, class ended.

I waited a while for Ain, Syarifah and Khairun to come out. then we went out together. Khairun started on how she met this guy she'd been interested in from tuition at Sunway. I felt happy for her (even though I have no idea who this person is) but I want to have someone to be interested in from tuition too :( thing is, even if a miracle happened and the person I was interested in from tuition (ehem ehem the guy with the flat hair and glasses who's alway listening to his iPod. the main reason I never mentioned him to my friends hurr.) I would never actually use those opportunities. I would mess it up and be all sombong. I hate it when I do that but that's just how I am with guys. somehow.

so afterwards I told Ain how I felt about sitting between the two. she didn't say anything for a while. then she suddenly asked if Lavynia was still in our school. I said yea, why did you asked that? and she told me that she haven't seen her in awhile. she asked me how was she (as if I'd know) and if her hair grew or something. I guess it must've a been a real while since she saw Lavynia, so I just told her she cut her hair. I guess she doesn't like to leave her hair long. then my brother came. thank God for that, cuz I don't wanna talk about someone I barely know lol.

and that's the end of my boring story. Singapore trip, coming up! :3


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