Saturday, March 12, 2011

when the going gets tough.

there are times when I feel like K-POP is the only thing keeping me alive. there is no one on this earth who actually cares about my well being. they see me, they don't feel like knowing me, and they leave. then I get back home and play the songs on my phone or on the radio and I'll sing to them, compressing all the loneliness in a wailing voice, then returning back to my normal life.

sometimes I hide myself in books. I have seasons when I love burying my face into a book and there are times when I read a page, then I throw the book on my bed. When I read a book, I usually prefer the ones that tell the story as the character him/herself. like "Today I went to the curry shop" rather than "Today Amir went to the curry shop". Because then it would be easier for me to live that person's life. It would be easier for me to imagine myself as the character, and pretend that my boring life never existed. My life is now this exciting adventure where I've been a bad girl and I've been sent to this rehabilitation (<--spelled correctly the first time Y.) school where they're possibly trying to kill us. Or I could be living in a house where a ghost is possibly living. Or I could be the most popular girl at school, but apparently I have a couple of back stabbing friends.

Then, there were times when life is great.


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