Sunday, April 24, 2011

everybody needs a little blogging time.

Mom should let me use the laptop. There were things  wanted to blog but I have no feel for it anymore. But I feel like I should update, so I'll try my best to write something interesting...

First and formost, lets give way to senior bloggers... -->[link] looks like one of my favourite bloggers (harr its probably the only actual blog that I follow that blogs serious stuff and doesn't revolve on his/her own life, as if it was a diary, but rather a place for people to actually read and gain knowledge) has gotten his umph back.

Secondly, here's a nice song. by Code Name Blue.

Man I love slow CN Blue songs <3 (BTW Burning is mine okayy >I)

Thirdly, last week was actually quite okay compared to other weeks :3 The chess competition was last week, and I met Joy! :D I think I hugged her too tightly though haha. had fun for two recesses, then she was like 'Well, it'll be a while until we can meet again' so to avoid tears I said a quick goodbye. No hug. I think if I hugged her again I wouldn't have let go.

other than that I had an experience (can't quite describe this experience) on Wednesday when we stayed back for Girl Guides. It wasn't during the boring men-dobi thing (we did that, it was for the juniors ^^) but after, when teacher let us off early because she had to go somewhere. it was quite a nice day, cool and dense. but then rain came and then thunder, then the wind blew so hard it was monstrous really. us guides were at the canteen. the wind blew hard, until something broke, not sure what though. being a typical girl's school, screams were heard.
there were also some girls at the Pondok Ilmu. I pitied them the most, because they're trapped there, like a boat in a storm. if someone knocks a person off the boat, she'd be killed by the thunder or just be soaking wet. Funny though, because Jia Yi didn't mind getting wet of rain water.
so that was actually quite fun because we can't talk without being intrupted by the thunder. yea, that's fun. I have an amazing life *rolls eyes*

then on Friday we didn't learn anything *insertepichappyface*
and also on Friday I went to tuition. left early though, so... then Khairun gave some good news :D and happy news~~ starting next week, I'm officially going for 2-6 every Friday ^3^ woots~ more time with my hommies~~
but I forgot something though. My piano class is now on Mondays 5.30-6.30. this Monday I have sukantara until 4 e_e mom will be pissed... I don't wanna miss it though, sukantara is usually fun because you get to hang around everywhere :D

wait. so if there's sukantara this week.. there's no house practice? :DD YAY no kawad for another week~ but then after this there's only kawad =3= have to deal with it though. it's not like I'm talented in any type of sport whatsoever.


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