Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I feel useless.

It's like everyone is better than me. Like I'm the worst person on Earth.

Yea emo mood whatever. Wondering if there's any human out there who's willing to here me crap about how miserable I am while I finish up my komsas notes tomorrow in the library during recess.

Lately a lot of people are going to the library to either study or finish up their homework or disturb their friends during recess. When the library is supposed to be quiet, peaceful and cooling, it has become an official hang out place during recess - meaning it is now full of whispery chatter and warm of body heat. I wonder if our wonderful new principle will take any action about this.

I remember on Monday since all form 3's were staying back the usual place where I sit with other students of 2G-H '10 and 3E-F '11 were crowded, and the walkway between that table and the table next to it was flooded with bags. I mean, there's like 10 regulars from each class, and 5 stays back on each day, means the most we usually get is like 10 or 12, but imagine that day all of us had to stayback. minus those who couldn't care less about sukantara, there were about 20 of us that day. going to SA, there's an unsaid rule where you have to bring at least two bags each day.
Imagine the flood.

I just typed out a bunch of crap and just figured, well, I'm human. I'm not perfect and never will be, but as long I as I try my best, I'm okay.


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