Tuesday, April 5, 2011

k-pop comparisons.

Heng Yen Fern, you look like Kim Jaejoong. Trust me.

Today when I sat next to you dring Jap it was even more confirmed. Since BOTH OF YOU HAVE DOUBLE EYELIDS (well technically only your left eye has doule eyelids but whatever)

Compare between the above picture with the person in the middle of the second picture. Just admit it Yen Fern. somehow your love for Jae has affected your appearence. I wonder if I'll look like Taemin soon

And I saw Farah Shahirah before I went back home. Yeah her teeth does look a bit like Taec's, except I think his is BIGGER XD it wouldn't be pretty for a girl to have big teeth anyway.. it's just the way they stick out is all :)

It's amazing how some people just look like other people. Remember when we went to Singapore and found a bunch of Korean-look-a-like's? XD we've gotta do that some more.

Have you ever wondered where your look-a-like is living? How he/she lives? Is she happy? What goes on in that person's life? is it better than yours? is it worse?
Yen Fern got hers covered.


Just recently, I watched this video of IU and Thunder from MBLAQ singing together. And I'm like "...wow these two are so cute with each other."







What happened to JasonXPilsuk though?

I'm confused. Which pairing is better? XD


My bias from SS501. Apparently I didn't even notice it was him, until I eventually found he's from SS501 and I'm like.. is that him? Yea I didn't even know his name T_T Park Jung Min.

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