Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the big (fail) prank.



so this afternoon, mom left her phone at home. she called and told me to tell anyone who calls to call the office and I'm like yeah okay. I brought the phone up to my room. then after a while, I had a funny thought. I decided to call Pumpkin. (yenf you should know who this is by now. I think Xueh Wei knows I'm not sure. Eva, you're just a big blur so I'm hoping you'd just take the hint lol. Joy, it's L.)

I dialled the number on my mom's phone and she took a while to answer. then, "Hello?"

and I pressed the hang up button. I looked at the phone, then giggled. I'm such a weirdo. I press my face to the pillow then her voice rings in my head again. "hello?" it had a sense of curiousity and blurness, and also that sort-of emo voice she always had. it was funny.

after a while of rolling around, my mom's phone rung. I checked the number. omg Pumpkin did not call back. and she didn't. it was a 018 number. it was a guy, and the conversation was kinda unclear, but I just said "Umm boleh telefon office die tak?" and the guy said okay and I hung up.

then I had another funny thought.

I ran through my contact list and decided to call a few other people. this list of people includes -

  • Eva (she had a cute hello XD)
  • Yen Fern (the usual hello I'd expect from YenF xD)
  • Lea (her annoying voice mail box. so. freakin. loud. and she had to use her high squeaky voice)
  • Iman (voice mail box.)
  • Zalikha (normal hello :) )
  • Shahira (I called her awhile after I called Zalikha, just in case they smell something fishy. there was a ruffle at first. then "hello" *hang up* the longest call XD)
  • Adam (didn't pick up. Lazy Song caller ring tone. nice. SMSed later "whose there")
  • Bazil (had a cool, never heard of caller ring tone. didn't pick up. later SMSed 'I miss called. sorry. wassup?' who says wassup to a stranger??)
  • Harith (a little ruffle then a sort of hello. didn't wait long enough, I couldn't risk it. I almost laughed.)
  • A few people who's numbers were from way back then. Ikin, my senior from SSP choir for example. she probably changed her number. also Cynta. oh yeah, I dialed Hanis's old number, then hung up before the person picked up, just in case. Didn't call her new number though. I wanted to call Joy but I called her last night so. I didn't wanna call Nadhrah cuz I'd figure she'd be on a trip to Australia or something.
the main reason of this whole lame prank is just to hear people's voices :) if all those people thought about it, a wrong number would've asked for the person, meaning the person would actually say something. so those calls were made specially for all those people, anonymously, just to hear their voices. they should be proud a person actually misses hearing the person's voice. I wish they smiled like I did.

only, using my mom's phone wasn't exactly the best choice. later on when mom came back home Adam couldn't just let it go and decided to call and ask who called him. my mom was all angry at me "did you call someone from this phone?" and of course I said no. then later I was upstairs and she got a call and after it, she called me down.

"Are you sure you didn't call anyone from my phone? any boy?"

Yeah. (I mean I'm smarter than that, if I wanted to call my boyfriend I would've used the house phone.)

"Do you know anyone called Adam? Awak menggatal-gatal nak call lelaki eh?"

Mane ade...!

"Jangan main-main Elyna awak gatal-gatal ade boyfriend nanti awak jugak yang mengandung!"

Mak! Mane ade! Elyna tak kenal la!

"Betul ni?"

Betul la mak. I go to a girl's school kan, mane ade kenal sesape *laughs* *quite nervously may I add*

And she finally let's it go. Phew. Fuck that Adam. I tak nak kawan die lagi. hmph.


family talk.

Okay since the school holidays started, I can't remember updating so let me update a bit getting on to two big topics tonight.

1. WI-FI'S FIXED! ye-ah :D
2. I finally finished the two books I was reading T_T now I can get started on Pn. Ranchani's stupid maths homework :(
3. Nuryn just texted me on what she should bring for tuition. umm, your pencil box. and a bag, cuz you'll get your book later. ch, I'll call her later. (funny story bout calling. I---)
4. am currently thinking of KPOP friends of mine. does Joy count? I mean, she like Big Bang. cuz I'm tagging peeps on a note at Facebook XD

KAY back to business :D

you know what let me call Nuryn first, just in case this takes quite sometime.
kay, one chore done.

So I haven't had much to talk about. Friday, I leaked at school, had Japanese exam, talked to Yen Fern about stalking and saw him at tuition. Didn't see him at tuition yesterday though, trying not to care.
but today, I was so happy the TMnet guy finally came, cuz, weehee, I have things to update about :D

There's two things, the first thing being this - Family Talk - the second being the next post which will probably the post you're gonna read before this. but nevermind, I'll probably lead you here by telling you "there's a first post, go read that first!!"

so Family Talk. at dinner tonight, there were only Mom, Dad, Bakmal and I. And mom was like "Okay, so we got some news." Bakmal went "News feed~" probably from FB. and I was sort of surprised. Mom's good at keeping secrets. we spent quite some time just now and she did not mention this at all.

"Abang is moving out."

everyone had their own reactions. and everyone has real opinions about it, no doubt. opinions they don't really wanna discuss. My reaction was a small clap under the table, because sincerely they had been sort of menyusahkan. but there were perks. these were the things running through my head-

  • the table wouldn't be a six anymore.
  • we wouldn't be able to see Umar as much.
  • who's gonna help around with the big stuff?
  • I'm not ready for this.
  • I'm gonna miss them. a lot.

But I'll just have to be okay with it. I can't stop Abang. that would be childish. and dramatic. it's okay. I'll move on. and as a blood B type, I'm adaptable to different situations :D

then after a while of discussion on where exactly Abang is moving (Shah Alam) and why he decides to do it now (because the Kancil payments are almost over so he'll afford the rent), mom finally moved on to the next big news, which, as she says is even more surprising.

okay okay before I let out the news, my cousin, Akmal who I don't know actually reads my blog or not, I'm not sure cuz he commented on a post the other day but other wise he keeps silent. hmm. anyway. just in case. if you're reading this, PROMISE TO NOT LEAK IT. AND cuz you're a guy I'm depending more on you to keep your mouth shut. cuz guys don't leak secrets. or at least, not as much as girls do (which is why, I'm happy none of my girly Segamat cousins are reading my blog). PROMISE TAU.


Kak Ain's pregnant. Again.

okay I may have made a big deal out of it cuz once I typed it out it didn't seem like much of a big deal. but it sort of is. I mean, *rant coming in here. advisable you skip this whole paragraph. especially if you're cousins.* who does Abang think he is? he think he's stable enough? he's not! he still has debt to pay mom! pfft. I ean after all the mistakes you've done you make another one. children are not cheap. I didn't expect you to be so stupid! Even me, as a fifteen year old, thinks it's sensible enough to wait until Umar is at least three. but no.

okay you know what. whatever. f*** that.  I'm moving on to the next post.

-will be back-

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


http://www.facebook.com/notes/sak-wye-mei/what-is-your-personality-traits/226999867314935?notif_t=note_tag <-- go there for all the months. sorry if you can't get it though, in the not-caring mood.

My month - May.

Personality traits for May Month
  • Stubborn and hard-hearted
  • Strong-willed and highly motivated
  • Sharp thoughts
  • Easily angered
  • Attracts others and loves attention
  • Deep feelings
  • Beautiful physically and mentally
  • Firm standpoint
  • Easily influenced
  • Needs no motivation
  • Easily consoled
  • Systematic (left brain)
  • Loves to dream
  • Strong clairvoyance
  • Understanding
  • Sickness usually in the ear and neck
  • Good imagination
  • Good debating skills
  • Good physical
  • Weak breathing
  • Loves literature and the arts
  • Loves traveling
  • High spirited
  • Spendthrift

Well, lets go through this together shall we? :) 

okay, I agree with like 50% of this. strong willed and highly motivated? that's my outer shell. Inside I'm more of a what-if person. I worry bout things, then reassure myself, then think 'well, it COULD happen,' then I'll just pretend I never even had that thought.

sometimes after I pray I don't get up. like most of the time I rush and move on, but just sometimes, when I have the time, like Ishak I perform right before I sleep so I have some time. I look at my palm and think. you know, just think about crap. then, rarely though, I'll cry.

Understanding. I totally agree with that. I think, I can find the two sides of something. knowing which side is right though, is the toughest for me. the reason I can't be a lawyer and take over my mom's firm lol.

I do have weak breathing, I love arts, I like travelling, I AM high spirited, half of the time (I'm mostly moody) and spendthrift? does that mean I'm a saver or I'm a spender? :/


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay. I can't exactly express the feeling that I have now. I guess it's 'guilt'. but any of you would say that it's the wrong expression. but it's the best way I can express it. in a word.

I don't know. At first I cared. I crumpled my Geo paper when I discovered I got 13 wrongs - my worst record for Geo ever since form 2!  Since I entered form 2 Geo had always been an easy subject. So if my 'easy subject' was a B, what would my others be?

But then after a while I realized that well, this isn't the end of everything. probably the end of my K-Pop social life since mom is probably gonna cut out all my K-Pop resources later when she finds out that I got last in class (WHICH, I am so sure of, and so don't care. somehow.) but I still got PMR, you know. and I'm ready to change. during the holidays, I'm planning to actually study. I mean what else can we do? it's not like KBS is suddenly gonna have an OMS marathon just cuz they heard Malaysia is gonna have a two week holiday, right?

(okay I'm at my mom's office and mom asked me if I wanted McD and I said yea and she told her staff to go and buy for me and I'm like 'and I don't have to go along?' i sort of feel bad for telling people to do stuff for me, cuz I'm the youngest, and the only girl, people tell me to do stuff for them, but ya know. I'm your boss's daughter XD THANKS KAK JAMALIAH~)

and yes, it has officially been more than a week since I went online. Cuz my WiFi's broken. It's okay though, I've been wanting to cut off my internet time anyway. so when it's back... I hope my mom says no every time I ask for the laptop XD
I'd die though o_o all that no's. brr. scary.

wait I was talking bout exam results.

so the next exam is the trials. Since I'll be studying during the holidays (hopefully) I'll be ready for that (hopefully)!!
next aim - I want to get my friends from other classes to study with me >3 So that EVERYONE gets straight A's! spread the knowledge! we have to beat last year's record - more than half got straight A's! this year, 80% of us are gonna get straight A's!! >3 (hopefully)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

okay no kidding.

Who has my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde???

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

luar biasa.

so today I started wearing my new glasses. they said it looked good :) some said weird but its only cuz they haven't gotten used to it yet. Xueh Wei rated it a 0. very funny. Cynta was so blur ==

went to 2-4 tuition today. Aunty Nin came at 2.10, arrived home at 2.30, arrive tuition centre at 2.40 == and guess who I sat next to. TIMOTHY. i can't even remember his first name. the most disgusted guy back in SSP. now he's history (lol). so at 3 when teacher wasn't around I changed to the very corner of the class ><" felt as if I was shut out of the whole world T T the others were still nearby though (Khairun n Dina absent) so Syarifah was telling how the guy in front of Ain was her crush. huwaa. so nearby, so lucky >< although I sat behind the guy I like back during the March revision classes (for one class) I didn't like him back then. (but that was the process, I guess >///<)
I don't know why, but in my mind everytime he comes to mind his name is "Seunghyun", FT Island's maknae. sigh.

I was looking for him from the 4-6 class but he wasn't there. and that's how i end up here- in my mom's office, not studying. lol. and that's her saying we're going.


btw I <3 Sandeul from B1A4 (refer below)

Monday, May 9, 2011

my phailures.

Okay I know I have to do this.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who has suffered so much from the start of bringing us around in your tummy for nine months to combing our hair to providing us love and happiness. I love you Mom, and I may not show it all the time, but I really do appreciate what you have done for me. If it's not for you, I wouldn't be here, sitting on your laptop, knowing the things I know now, being where I am.
Loves from your one and only daughter, Elyna <3

Secondly, THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the great birthday wishes >w< Thank you to those who went to the extent of actually giving me something (with the rules in the school you'd think it's impossible but it's actually doable). Like Xueh Wei who gave me a cute card on Saturday (LOVE it!!!) and Nuryn who bought me a t-shirt that says something incredibly cute and my mom doesn't like, obviously but she says I can wear it. lol. she also wrote a small note on a piece of paper and decorated it with her thumbprints? Weird haha.
Usually I would share the gifts I got with my mom. Including cards. But this year, it seems like something you wouldn't want your mom to see XD the t-shirt too, but I'm gonna wear it in front of her some day, better show it to her now.

For Mother's Day? I made a card for my mom and got everyone else to sign. I know it seems incredibly cheap, but no one else got her anything neither. Cuz we're all freaking broke. I think the effort of making it for her counts? I'm really sorry for being cheap mom T T
Celebration? No real celebration. Dad went to Seremban in the evening and my brother and sister-in-law went to celebrate Mothers Day between themselves. I dunno how they did that in Wangsamaju though.

So me and my mom celebrated each other ourselves. In the morning mom cooked, like a lot, then the two of us went to this event thingy happening in the neighbourhood. We heard a sajak about "Kawasan Melayu" by Datuk Johari or something like that. It might sound racist but it's just a sajak about how we're proud of our race :3 Then guess what.


Okay I know probably none of you guys know who Tilu is. Tilu is just another indie band who got a recording deal with KRU and their freaking songs are on the radio. people just never took notice. Like Kak Ain only knew who they are when I told her they sang "Diam-Diam".

I actually liked the saxophone guy, the one second from left in the above picture. I don't think he's very photogenic though. cuz in real life he's so handsome :D His name is Jeff. hurr.

What did I get for my brithday? Dad bought me new glasses :D it's not ready yet though. It's a little different and... I hope I don't look weird wearing it ><" Mom bought me a new sling bag and pencil box :D i didn't really need the pencil box, but mine was white and it got really dirty ==" and the zipper from my old slingbag broke off so. THANK YOU AYAH & MAK <3

That's all~ what a simple 15th birthday :D I hope 16th is a bit better though... It is sweet sixteen... ;)


P.S, I actually took pictures of everything with my phone, but apparently the memory card needs formatting.... NOOOOOOO

Friday, May 6, 2011

was just doing ma thing.

was searching for pics to put for lampiran. since I'm doing for Seksyen 3 PJ (a.k.a. Old Town) I decided to just put in whatever that actually exists and is familiar.

then suddenly terase bangga sikit - my hometown is on Google Images! :D

the bus stop I would pass by on the way from tuition back home with Zulaikha and Suaidah! :D

the wet market my dad goes to practically every Sunday! :D

I dunno if there's more though lol.


friday, friday, gotta get down on frida-ay.

this is the second time I'm blogging bout Fridays.

Aah, finally people have relived their blogs. Eva made a new one, and Yen Fern finally got the inspiration to blog again. I should be typing my kerja kursus now, but instead I'm blogging, Heartbeat playing and 10/10 by 2pm and MBLAQ's Sesame Player is loading (480p, whatever that is, so that I can watch fullscreen ;) )

Friday. Today was a good day, as I expected. Thinking about it just makes my shoulders shake with joy, really. no sarcasm. see? it just shook.
In the morning my wonderful schoolmates are just so wonderful. trust your recess mates to finish a bunch of Kek Lapis from Sarawak.
oh yeah yesterday a bunch of juniors sat at our usual table. JUNIOOORSS. YOU GUYS WANNA DIE ISIT? sometimes I wonder what we can do to scare them off. maybe we should do something disgusting to the table like put a bunch of... disgusting things on the table. that should give a hint. seriously. we had to sit at the table where the sun is probably trying to blind us. if it was just a couple of you guys it would be fine, but they literally dominated the whole table like wtf =.=

anyway. I told Eva to finish off my cakes (Finish it off - from Street Fighter??) and she was so suspicious. the only reason I was so eager for her to eat is so that I could say the punchline - K.O.!! <--also from Street Fighter. ('finish it off' is when your opponent only needs one blow left to die, and when he/she dies it says K.O.!) but she thought I put something in it. please la. it's just cheese kek lapis.
Cuz she was too afraid , she shoved part of the slice into Lavynia's mouth. "How does it taste like??" Lala - no response. I think Eva would think she was poisoned already. Then Iman took another part from Eva's hands and ate it. nothing different in particular right? But before Eva could finish it off, Lavynia took the rest of the slice and ate it. I said the punchline - K.O.!! but no one got it. phail.

then during English we were doing group work so we had a little fun. we decided to end our sentences with a particular word. We told Divya to stick to "Ding Dong Donkey" cuz she was supposed to do it yesterday XD ding dong they literally took from "Ring Ding Dong". bangga sikit K-POP fans. i started off with "poyo" cuz in Rave this character Ruby ends all his sentences with poyo. they thought it was the Malay expression of lame but I rarely even use that expression. then I started saying 'lol' at the end of every sentence. it makes me seem either very sarcastic or don't give a damn about anything.
Nuryn's word was "ass" in the beginning. she wanted it so much but it seemed rude for a while. so then she said "Robert Louis Stevenson", the writer of the novel "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde". thanks to that, I will never forget his name ever again.
Iman was always getting lame ones, so we gave some ideas. Nuryn gave the suggestion "porn" and Iman's like "I can't say porn at the end of every sentence Edinburgh! It'll be weird Edinburgh! Imagine me saying the title of the novel Edinburgh. "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" porn. Edinburgh." silly silly. lol. I can't help but laugh everytime Divya ends a sentence with Ding Dong Donkey. this one time I laughed so hard my forehead hit Nuryn's chair - and she uses the wooden one. it really hurt.

so after school I was telling "3 MORE HOURS!! 3 MORE HOURS!!" to anyone who mattered. 3 more hours to 4-6pm Maths and Science at Andrew Choo's.

2-4pm, we had BI & Geo, and in front of us was Khairun's crush and technically non-official boyfriend's best friend. beside him was two empty spaces. me and Khairun can't help imagining Asyraaf and my crush sitting there. Khairun didn't want it, but I sort of hoped for it. a bit. but apparently places change so 4-6pm, Ashwini and Ain sat there.
During the break between 2-4 and 4-6 we went out for a while and beside the door of our room was the door to another room. Syarifah was in front of me, and Khairun was behind. as I went out, I felt a familiar face waiting at the next door. later I turned around for a while and yes, it was Asyraaf. waiting for his Juliette, Khairun. it was so sweet really. Khairun I guess didn't really like the fact that he tegured her in tuition but he just said hi. it was so cute I was so freaking jealous >w<
then we entered class after break. I looked around and he still wasn't around. I got a little uncomfortable, then when class started and he's still not in I started to get pissed. I counted down to this! How could he not come.  but then I knew this shouldn't bring me down. it's just a guy. so what if he didn't come? (other than seeing him was me considering it as my birthday present from him.)

but at the most unexpected time ever, the door opened, and there he was, tersengih macam kambing. lewat. He was wearing a shiny-cloth maroon baju Melayu, which makes me sort of happy. He went to solat Jumaat lol. but he did have the time to change but -_- never mind.
and then I just f***ing embarassed myself. I SMSed Khairun bout it and she said relax, chill. nothing happened. but that's how I am. so cautious bout what people think, even the smallest things. haish. she said "tadi dia pakai baju Melayu, means die pegi solat Jumaat alhamdulillah ahaha" lol. takle blah.
so the last subject, which was Maths, teacher wanted to see our work, and me and Zulaikha finished it fast. so we got off early. While waiting for the rest, I could see my crush was working on it with his friends. then I wanted to wait a while to see him before I go, but I guess everyone wanted to go home so I didn't wait any longer. it was kinda sad, not being able to see him and say bye without him actually hearing it. I glanced at the closed door and said "Bye" and waved a bit then left. but I love my friends anyway. we laughed so hard in the stairs I think people outside could hear it.

uwaah I type so much ><" I can't wait for Sunday! feel like skipping tomorrow =3= but I have to hand in my folios. plus it's a Friday schedule so it shouldn't be too long.


I don't even know his name...


you guys kene tengok ni. takle blah.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

all written by another person.

What I feel about the coming exam : http://naddowaddo.blogspot.com/2011/05/distraction.html

Today I stayed back for Japanese and Blue house, but I ended up skipping Blue house cuz Iman didn't go so I was to lazy. tu la manusia. ikut kawan je lebih. tula orang Melayu hancur- pengaruh kawan kuat sangat. back to topic.

So what did I do? I thought, if Blue house was canceled because of the rain, then I'll just study Geo or Science, the only subjects with textbooks that's actually useful. But apparently, Shahira was staying back till six and not doing anything neither, since she's Yellow. she stayed back to wait for Zalikha, who's a Green. I pulled out my Geography textbook and flipped through, warning my brain what it was about to be drowned in for the next at least 15 minutes. but after flipping through I announced out loud "Malas la."

So for about two hours, me and Shahira talked K-POP. hahahha. Actually even I can't believe we actually filled that amount of time with nothing but Korean crap. Yen Fern joined us somewhere in between, and the last ten minutes Zalikha and Syahirah Koreanz (her FB name is that so.) joined us and soon Natasha and Hana too but then I had to go back home T_T just when the fun was about to start. we were saying how Syahirah was such a bimbo - she pointed to two pictures of the same guy and said "I rase diorang twins la" LAWAK GILE


Monday, May 2, 2011


I know it's still Monday (well technically Tuesday. I'm gonna die.) but thanks to 1st May falling on a Sunday, Friday is coming a little faster :)
Fridays are so exciting~
I wish we can skip ALL Mondays :DD
That would be awesome... Even better if everyday was Friday :D

A sketch I made last Friday.
Love the way h--

I should stop now.


Love In The Rain - CN BLUE (Live)

Did I mention how much I love CN BLUE?

I love them very, very much.
Somehow, more than I love Ryan Higa.
YES, that much.