Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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What I feel about the coming exam : http://naddowaddo.blogspot.com/2011/05/distraction.html

Today I stayed back for Japanese and Blue house, but I ended up skipping Blue house cuz Iman didn't go so I was to lazy. tu la manusia. ikut kawan je lebih. tula orang Melayu hancur- pengaruh kawan kuat sangat. back to topic.

So what did I do? I thought, if Blue house was canceled because of the rain, then I'll just study Geo or Science, the only subjects with textbooks that's actually useful. But apparently, Shahira was staying back till six and not doing anything neither, since she's Yellow. she stayed back to wait for Zalikha, who's a Green. I pulled out my Geography textbook and flipped through, warning my brain what it was about to be drowned in for the next at least 15 minutes. but after flipping through I announced out loud "Malas la."

So for about two hours, me and Shahira talked K-POP. hahahha. Actually even I can't believe we actually filled that amount of time with nothing but Korean crap. Yen Fern joined us somewhere in between, and the last ten minutes Zalikha and Syahirah Koreanz (her FB name is that so.) joined us and soon Natasha and Hana too but then I had to go back home T_T just when the fun was about to start. we were saying how Syahirah was such a bimbo - she pointed to two pictures of the same guy and said "I rase diorang twins la" LAWAK GILE


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