Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the big (fail) prank.



so this afternoon, mom left her phone at home. she called and told me to tell anyone who calls to call the office and I'm like yeah okay. I brought the phone up to my room. then after a while, I had a funny thought. I decided to call Pumpkin. (yenf you should know who this is by now. I think Xueh Wei knows I'm not sure. Eva, you're just a big blur so I'm hoping you'd just take the hint lol. Joy, it's L.)

I dialled the number on my mom's phone and she took a while to answer. then, "Hello?"

and I pressed the hang up button. I looked at the phone, then giggled. I'm such a weirdo. I press my face to the pillow then her voice rings in my head again. "hello?" it had a sense of curiousity and blurness, and also that sort-of emo voice she always had. it was funny.

after a while of rolling around, my mom's phone rung. I checked the number. omg Pumpkin did not call back. and she didn't. it was a 018 number. it was a guy, and the conversation was kinda unclear, but I just said "Umm boleh telefon office die tak?" and the guy said okay and I hung up.

then I had another funny thought.

I ran through my contact list and decided to call a few other people. this list of people includes -

  • Eva (she had a cute hello XD)
  • Yen Fern (the usual hello I'd expect from YenF xD)
  • Lea (her annoying voice mail box. so. freakin. loud. and she had to use her high squeaky voice)
  • Iman (voice mail box.)
  • Zalikha (normal hello :) )
  • Shahira (I called her awhile after I called Zalikha, just in case they smell something fishy. there was a ruffle at first. then "hello" *hang up* the longest call XD)
  • Adam (didn't pick up. Lazy Song caller ring tone. nice. SMSed later "whose there")
  • Bazil (had a cool, never heard of caller ring tone. didn't pick up. later SMSed 'I miss called. sorry. wassup?' who says wassup to a stranger??)
  • Harith (a little ruffle then a sort of hello. didn't wait long enough, I couldn't risk it. I almost laughed.)
  • A few people who's numbers were from way back then. Ikin, my senior from SSP choir for example. she probably changed her number. also Cynta. oh yeah, I dialed Hanis's old number, then hung up before the person picked up, just in case. Didn't call her new number though. I wanted to call Joy but I called her last night so. I didn't wanna call Nadhrah cuz I'd figure she'd be on a trip to Australia or something.
the main reason of this whole lame prank is just to hear people's voices :) if all those people thought about it, a wrong number would've asked for the person, meaning the person would actually say something. so those calls were made specially for all those people, anonymously, just to hear their voices. they should be proud a person actually misses hearing the person's voice. I wish they smiled like I did.

only, using my mom's phone wasn't exactly the best choice. later on when mom came back home Adam couldn't just let it go and decided to call and ask who called him. my mom was all angry at me "did you call someone from this phone?" and of course I said no. then later I was upstairs and she got a call and after it, she called me down.

"Are you sure you didn't call anyone from my phone? any boy?"

Yeah. (I mean I'm smarter than that, if I wanted to call my boyfriend I would've used the house phone.)

"Do you know anyone called Adam? Awak menggatal-gatal nak call lelaki eh?"

Mane ade...!

"Jangan main-main Elyna awak gatal-gatal ade boyfriend nanti awak jugak yang mengandung!"

Mak! Mane ade! Elyna tak kenal la!

"Betul ni?"

Betul la mak. I go to a girl's school kan, mane ade kenal sesape *laughs* *quite nervously may I add*

And she finally let's it go. Phew. Fuck that Adam. I tak nak kawan die lagi. hmph.


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