Tuesday, May 31, 2011

family talk.

Okay since the school holidays started, I can't remember updating so let me update a bit getting on to two big topics tonight.

1. WI-FI'S FIXED! ye-ah :D
2. I finally finished the two books I was reading T_T now I can get started on Pn. Ranchani's stupid maths homework :(
3. Nuryn just texted me on what she should bring for tuition. umm, your pencil box. and a bag, cuz you'll get your book later. ch, I'll call her later. (funny story bout calling. I---)
4. am currently thinking of KPOP friends of mine. does Joy count? I mean, she like Big Bang. cuz I'm tagging peeps on a note at Facebook XD

KAY back to business :D

you know what let me call Nuryn first, just in case this takes quite sometime.
kay, one chore done.

So I haven't had much to talk about. Friday, I leaked at school, had Japanese exam, talked to Yen Fern about stalking and saw him at tuition. Didn't see him at tuition yesterday though, trying not to care.
but today, I was so happy the TMnet guy finally came, cuz, weehee, I have things to update about :D

There's two things, the first thing being this - Family Talk - the second being the next post which will probably the post you're gonna read before this. but nevermind, I'll probably lead you here by telling you "there's a first post, go read that first!!"

so Family Talk. at dinner tonight, there were only Mom, Dad, Bakmal and I. And mom was like "Okay, so we got some news." Bakmal went "News feed~" probably from FB. and I was sort of surprised. Mom's good at keeping secrets. we spent quite some time just now and she did not mention this at all.

"Abang is moving out."

everyone had their own reactions. and everyone has real opinions about it, no doubt. opinions they don't really wanna discuss. My reaction was a small clap under the table, because sincerely they had been sort of menyusahkan. but there were perks. these were the things running through my head-

  • the table wouldn't be a six anymore.
  • we wouldn't be able to see Umar as much.
  • who's gonna help around with the big stuff?
  • I'm not ready for this.
  • I'm gonna miss them. a lot.

But I'll just have to be okay with it. I can't stop Abang. that would be childish. and dramatic. it's okay. I'll move on. and as a blood B type, I'm adaptable to different situations :D

then after a while of discussion on where exactly Abang is moving (Shah Alam) and why he decides to do it now (because the Kancil payments are almost over so he'll afford the rent), mom finally moved on to the next big news, which, as she says is even more surprising.

okay okay before I let out the news, my cousin, Akmal who I don't know actually reads my blog or not, I'm not sure cuz he commented on a post the other day but other wise he keeps silent. hmm. anyway. just in case. if you're reading this, PROMISE TO NOT LEAK IT. AND cuz you're a guy I'm depending more on you to keep your mouth shut. cuz guys don't leak secrets. or at least, not as much as girls do (which is why, I'm happy none of my girly Segamat cousins are reading my blog). PROMISE TAU.


Kak Ain's pregnant. Again.

okay I may have made a big deal out of it cuz once I typed it out it didn't seem like much of a big deal. but it sort of is. I mean, *rant coming in here. advisable you skip this whole paragraph. especially if you're cousins.* who does Abang think he is? he think he's stable enough? he's not! he still has debt to pay mom! pfft. I ean after all the mistakes you've done you make another one. children are not cheap. I didn't expect you to be so stupid! Even me, as a fifteen year old, thinks it's sensible enough to wait until Umar is at least three. but no.

okay you know what. whatever. f*** that.  I'm moving on to the next post.

-will be back-

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  1. okay okay. haha. tapi dah namanya pun rezeki kan.. terimalah dengan tabah.