Wednesday, May 11, 2011

luar biasa.

so today I started wearing my new glasses. they said it looked good :) some said weird but its only cuz they haven't gotten used to it yet. Xueh Wei rated it a 0. very funny. Cynta was so blur ==

went to 2-4 tuition today. Aunty Nin came at 2.10, arrived home at 2.30, arrive tuition centre at 2.40 == and guess who I sat next to. TIMOTHY. i can't even remember his first name. the most disgusted guy back in SSP. now he's history (lol). so at 3 when teacher wasn't around I changed to the very corner of the class ><" felt as if I was shut out of the whole world T T the others were still nearby though (Khairun n Dina absent) so Syarifah was telling how the guy in front of Ain was her crush. huwaa. so nearby, so lucky >< although I sat behind the guy I like back during the March revision classes (for one class) I didn't like him back then. (but that was the process, I guess >///<)
I don't know why, but in my mind everytime he comes to mind his name is "Seunghyun", FT Island's maknae. sigh.

I was looking for him from the 4-6 class but he wasn't there. and that's how i end up here- in my mom's office, not studying. lol. and that's her saying we're going.


btw I <3 Sandeul from B1A4 (refer below)

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