Monday, May 9, 2011

my phailures.

Okay I know I have to do this.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who has suffered so much from the start of bringing us around in your tummy for nine months to combing our hair to providing us love and happiness. I love you Mom, and I may not show it all the time, but I really do appreciate what you have done for me. If it's not for you, I wouldn't be here, sitting on your laptop, knowing the things I know now, being where I am.
Loves from your one and only daughter, Elyna <3

Secondly, THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the great birthday wishes >w< Thank you to those who went to the extent of actually giving me something (with the rules in the school you'd think it's impossible but it's actually doable). Like Xueh Wei who gave me a cute card on Saturday (LOVE it!!!) and Nuryn who bought me a t-shirt that says something incredibly cute and my mom doesn't like, obviously but she says I can wear it. lol. she also wrote a small note on a piece of paper and decorated it with her thumbprints? Weird haha.
Usually I would share the gifts I got with my mom. Including cards. But this year, it seems like something you wouldn't want your mom to see XD the t-shirt too, but I'm gonna wear it in front of her some day, better show it to her now.

For Mother's Day? I made a card for my mom and got everyone else to sign. I know it seems incredibly cheap, but no one else got her anything neither. Cuz we're all freaking broke. I think the effort of making it for her counts? I'm really sorry for being cheap mom T T
Celebration? No real celebration. Dad went to Seremban in the evening and my brother and sister-in-law went to celebrate Mothers Day between themselves. I dunno how they did that in Wangsamaju though.

So me and my mom celebrated each other ourselves. In the morning mom cooked, like a lot, then the two of us went to this event thingy happening in the neighbourhood. We heard a sajak about "Kawasan Melayu" by Datuk Johari or something like that. It might sound racist but it's just a sajak about how we're proud of our race :3 Then guess what.


Okay I know probably none of you guys know who Tilu is. Tilu is just another indie band who got a recording deal with KRU and their freaking songs are on the radio. people just never took notice. Like Kak Ain only knew who they are when I told her they sang "Diam-Diam".

I actually liked the saxophone guy, the one second from left in the above picture. I don't think he's very photogenic though. cuz in real life he's so handsome :D His name is Jeff. hurr.

What did I get for my brithday? Dad bought me new glasses :D it's not ready yet though. It's a little different and... I hope I don't look weird wearing it ><" Mom bought me a new sling bag and pencil box :D i didn't really need the pencil box, but mine was white and it got really dirty ==" and the zipper from my old slingbag broke off so. THANK YOU AYAH & MAK <3

That's all~ what a simple 15th birthday :D I hope 16th is a bit better though... It is sweet sixteen... ;)


P.S, I actually took pictures of everything with my phone, but apparently the memory card needs formatting.... NOOOOOOO

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