Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay. I can't exactly express the feeling that I have now. I guess it's 'guilt'. but any of you would say that it's the wrong expression. but it's the best way I can express it. in a word.

I don't know. At first I cared. I crumpled my Geo paper when I discovered I got 13 wrongs - my worst record for Geo ever since form 2!  Since I entered form 2 Geo had always been an easy subject. So if my 'easy subject' was a B, what would my others be?

But then after a while I realized that well, this isn't the end of everything. probably the end of my K-Pop social life since mom is probably gonna cut out all my K-Pop resources later when she finds out that I got last in class (WHICH, I am so sure of, and so don't care. somehow.) but I still got PMR, you know. and I'm ready to change. during the holidays, I'm planning to actually study. I mean what else can we do? it's not like KBS is suddenly gonna have an OMS marathon just cuz they heard Malaysia is gonna have a two week holiday, right?

(okay I'm at my mom's office and mom asked me if I wanted McD and I said yea and she told her staff to go and buy for me and I'm like 'and I don't have to go along?' i sort of feel bad for telling people to do stuff for me, cuz I'm the youngest, and the only girl, people tell me to do stuff for them, but ya know. I'm your boss's daughter XD THANKS KAK JAMALIAH~)

and yes, it has officially been more than a week since I went online. Cuz my WiFi's broken. It's okay though, I've been wanting to cut off my internet time anyway. so when it's back... I hope my mom says no every time I ask for the laptop XD
I'd die though o_o all that no's. brr. scary.

wait I was talking bout exam results.

so the next exam is the trials. Since I'll be studying during the holidays (hopefully) I'll be ready for that (hopefully)!!
next aim - I want to get my friends from other classes to study with me >3 So that EVERYONE gets straight A's! spread the knowledge! we have to beat last year's record - more than half got straight A's! this year, 80% of us are gonna get straight A's!! >3 (hopefully)


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