Wednesday, May 25, 2011

traits? <-- go there for all the months. sorry if you can't get it though, in the not-caring mood.

My month - May.

Personality traits for May Month
  • Stubborn and hard-hearted
  • Strong-willed and highly motivated
  • Sharp thoughts
  • Easily angered
  • Attracts others and loves attention
  • Deep feelings
  • Beautiful physically and mentally
  • Firm standpoint
  • Easily influenced
  • Needs no motivation
  • Easily consoled
  • Systematic (left brain)
  • Loves to dream
  • Strong clairvoyance
  • Understanding
  • Sickness usually in the ear and neck
  • Good imagination
  • Good debating skills
  • Good physical
  • Weak breathing
  • Loves literature and the arts
  • Loves traveling
  • High spirited
  • Spendthrift

Well, lets go through this together shall we? :) 

okay, I agree with like 50% of this. strong willed and highly motivated? that's my outer shell. Inside I'm more of a what-if person. I worry bout things, then reassure myself, then think 'well, it COULD happen,' then I'll just pretend I never even had that thought.

sometimes after I pray I don't get up. like most of the time I rush and move on, but just sometimes, when I have the time, like Ishak I perform right before I sleep so I have some time. I look at my palm and think. you know, just think about crap. then, rarely though, I'll cry.

Understanding. I totally agree with that. I think, I can find the two sides of something. knowing which side is right though, is the toughest for me. the reason I can't be a lawyer and take over my mom's firm lol.

I do have weak breathing, I love arts, I like travelling, I AM high spirited, half of the time (I'm mostly moody) and spendthrift? does that mean I'm a saver or I'm a spender? :/


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