Saturday, June 11, 2011

akhirnya membunuh ku.

It's hard seeing people live the dream you'll never get.


I guess I'm kinda sad right now. I haven't finished my homework, I didn't study other than in tuition, all my hopes of seeing him throughout this whole week is finally crushed into dust, I didn't draw anything, I didn't colour anything I scanned... I feel like this two weeks, I haven't achieved anything.

well this last few hours of today and tomorrow is the only time I got. I can't change anything, I can just improve the situation - by actually finishing my homework. I can't even think about really studying right now, if I don't finish my maths and memorize my lisan I'm gonna be dead this whole week, the only thing I'd be expecting is 4-6 on Friday, and if I don't see him, yet comes another week where I won't be enjoying myself.

the only thing I look forward to for school is getting that CN BLUE stickers I asked Alya to buy. now that my  savings is all used by my brother for reasons beyond my knowledge, I only have RM5, and I thought I had more. I'll have to starve for a month to save up again. I need topup. I can't wait for my brother. 90% of the time he never pays back. and yet I still respect him. I wonder why.

some people are so lucky, and yet they don't see it. remember peeps, there's always someone out there who's got it worse than you.


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