Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was on to search for a poem and type my lisan and check my email in case anybody got their NIE article done real quick, but I got stuck on Tumblr... you won't believe the amount of tabs... it was crazy... I regret putting endless scrolling... it was ENDLESS!! >.<

so here's the poem I decided to pick for Seni tomorrow, since we're doing calligraphy. I picked a short one, so that I can finish it off and relax afterwards.

and in BM too, just in case. plus my English ain't that great, who can understand classic English? =_= but there was this funny one about a room... I accidentally closed the tab though...

Aku menilai bukan dari 
keindahan paras rupa
tetapi dari ketulusan hati
aku jatuh cinta bukan dari
kemanisan tutur bicara
tetapi dari kejujuran kata-kata

Hadir kamu dalam hidupku
ku hargai sepenuh jiwa

Asalkan kejujuran menjadi teras
pasti cinta kan teguh terpatri

Nukilan : Nys Zairee

(ni mesti baru lepas belajar KH ni XP)

Also, a few pictures :D (a gift from Tumblr)

lol I had always thought DBSK's a bit 18sx XDD

which one are your eyes? ;)
(I think it only applies to girls though, cuz my brother is a Libra his eyes are like sepet.)

Best for the last XD


who else thinks Carlos is very very cute? XD I still prefer Logan though :P

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