Friday, June 3, 2011

can't wait for tuesday.

firstly, Jen Li posted this thing XD like who is that? it can't be Taemin can it? haha XD too hot and smexy and mature lol.

secondly, I had tuition today. the day before I commented somewhere that I had to go for 11-2 because there was blue house practice. apparently only Zulaikha read and commented back 'okay'.

then that night I was helping Kak Ain with some stuff for a wedding when I started wondering out loud if I should go for blue house practice and after I ranted on how useless it is, Kak Ain agreed I didn't really have to go (even if Fifi said if we wanna win we have to come to practice. like, how does this one practice affect whether we win or not? =__=). so the next morning, 8.30 am, I was rolling around in bed.

so around 10.30am, I called Syarifah to ask if she was coming for 11-2, but when she said "call nantila" I knew it. she went for 8-11. and since Sya is never alone (trust me somehow she never goes alone. unlike me, who always turns up sitting by myself every once in awhile) obviously Ain and Dina was there too. This was only confirmed when I arrive at the centre and they came out. I can't believe I even had the smallest hope that the others were coming at 11-2.

but of course, Ika came as she promised :) but see, today is a Friday.

and the only time I remembered today is a Friday, is about ten minutes after I saw him.

I was walking towards the stairs of the centre, half-heartedly, when he was coming out, big smile on. my heartbeat went *dupdup* once then I reminded myself to keep cool (lol). so then I went into the classroom all upset. I mean, the other day my friends went for 11-2 and he was there. why did he go in the morning this time? then it struck me.

it's Friday.

I slapped my forehead (nampak cam orang gile pun ade gak, ketuk kepala sengsorang kan haha). so stupid. so so stupid.

later when Ika came I told her about this. then she told me "Azzam datang."
OMG. lol.
I turned back, and there was Azzam.
me and Ika looked at each other, laughed, then Andrew came in.

as usual Andrew couldn't stick to the topic so somehow he was talking about how this morning they had a big crowd because all the Malay guys were going for prayers. later after break Azzam told Ika he was leaving at 1. if not for Andrew, I don't think he would've remembered.

Apparently, Cikgu Deen remembered today was a Friday, so this weird teacher who was super strict came in as a replacement. so Azzam didn't go. when asked why he didn't ask for permission, he said cuz the other Malay guy didn't go neither. lerr, ingatkan Cina. Malay guys are too light-skinned these days. makes me feel embarrassed. except for him. nasib he's the dark type.

so technically, I had caused Azzam to miss his prayers.
because technically, Azzam would've followed Ika if she went for 8-11.
and technically, I was the one who asked Ika to go for 11-2.
but apparently, I didn't even go for the practice.
and actually, I was using that as an excuse to go for 11-2 class so that I'll be in class with him.
which apparently he didn't go to, because it was a Friday.

well, at least I got to see him.
and I passed by him.
and I know he goes for Solat Jumaat (bangga sikit en).

totally worth it, right?

Ou- OH wait, about Tuesday!

Nuryn Lyana's coming for 11-2 on Tuesday! :D yep, she's attending Andrew Choo! woohoo!

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