Monday, June 6, 2011


From Xueh Wei's blog.


Huwaah, I can't believe the amount of days I stopped stalking @_@ trolling, I did like last Thursday, but stalking the FB page... I totally missed out on all the activities! Yen Fern! what movie were you supposed to watch? :D Diary of a Wimpy Kid? I wanted to watch that!!!

anyway, during the weekends while my friends probably went out to watch movies, I was stuck going to weddings. the first one was my cousin's wedding. me and my bro was all emo at first, then the heat sort of turned that to a bit of anger and impatience. meaning, the only positive attitude I had that day was layaning my aunts and uncles and attempts at talking to my beloved cousins.

the reason we were emo? well, imagine all your friends talking bout how their cousins call them and talk to them, when your own cousin won't even say hi?

the place where we met our cousins was this awesome chalet place thingy where the houses were like real kampung houses - all wooden and no chairs. so Bakmal told me on our way to the beach that one day, he HAS to come here with his friends. well, by the time he'd have the money the place would have shut down already lol.
then I told him this place would be great for a Family Day. then he said "Siape family kita Na?"
Hmm, betul gak, I thought at the time.

I wondered why I didn't go and talk to my cousins. I guess I had no idea what to say. it's been three years since I caught up with them.

When we got home, I told mom that the only cousin that talked to me was Nurin and Kak Ain, and Kak Ain doesn't even count cuz she's studying abroad now. mom told me that I shouldn't care, what they have is inferiority complex. she says in BM it's "rendah diri" and I was like, rendah diri in English is humble but whatever. the way I describe them is "sombong tak menempat". for a more exact definition :
I don't it's that serious though XD I don't know how mom got this conclusion. I'm not saying anything, but anyone can be friends. or even, talk to each other. I don't look down on them. they're human.
urgh, I really hate my cousins. no, I just hate the fact they won't talk to me anymore, that group of cousins of mine.

so the next wedding was in FELDA :) it was the first time I entered a FELDA area, and it's really... what I've sort of imagined it would be lol. oh yeah, I'm using the bride's computer now :) Selamat Pengantin Baru Kak Siti~ sorry guna computer, but I have to use it today, Kak Siti balik hari Rabu XD lepas ni dah takleh gune dah... :P

the funniest thing was... there was nenas growing behind our car where we parked XD and the amount of mercun... I wonder where they got those... I guess they never raid government area. and also, Umar had a great time since there was a lot of kids. and we sort of had fun watching them play. too bad there weren't any guys my age though. they were all too young lol.

weddings weddings. I wonder what mine would be like. I've always wanted blue as my theme colour, but what is the guy wants blue? then I'd have to take yellow... or green... or purple... I don't want red or pink though... I hope the guy doesn't pick purple, that's one thing for sure.



  1. perhaps they were too busy swimming LOL.

    no they probably thought that you're not as talkative kinda person. so since they don't have any issues to talk about, they just do their thing, and let you do yours, IMO. Like that day, your brother and I were THIS close that we could even whisper, but i won't ask him anything coz i thought he'd be more comfortable if i leave him alone.

    Maybe you should approach them instead of waiting for them to talk to you. That's the only solution. Maybe lah. Cheers. :)

  2. LOL maybe XD
    Kalau ikutkan, actually Bakmal is sightly more sociable now :) since dia dah masuk college kan.
    Hmm, yea that is the only solution... this Saturday, I'll try ;) hope it'll turn out okay *nervous*

  3. oh lagi satu, kalau boleh, jauhkan diri dari ibu anda. (fikir positif ya, bukan maksudnya mahu kamu menderhaka HAHA!)

    mereka (kami) tak selesa nak tanya2/ajak berbual jika subjek berada hampir dengan orang lebih dewasa. kalau kamu perasan, sepupu2 sebaya kamu akan bentuk satu kumpulan lain dan asingkan diri dari pakcik-makcik. kemudian baru mereka borak2. bak kata Astro Ceria, "Kita-kita aje!"

    and don't expect anything from me. i don't talk to my girl cousins much.