Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cube is really good at making videos.

Ape lah SMEnt! buatlah video camni! LOL. but at least SM provided subs... here's the translation below:

Yoseob: ! (snap) doojun.. jihyun... nuna... one two three four.......... eleven! hi everyone!
Sohyun: oh? hi!!!
Doojoon: i'm sleeping
Gikwang: in the middle of make up... la..ter..
Jihyun: hi hi!
Yoseob: what are you guys doing on August 14?
G.Na: why? are you going to buy me something yummy?
Junhyung: i'm planning to be busy that day too
Jiyoon: please discuss any schedule with my manager
Yoseob: what~~ nobody knows this important thing?
Hyunseung: I do!!
HyunA: huh? what is it
Hyunseung: i'm not gonna tell~~you!! (meh-rong)

HyunA: meanie
Gayoon: hyunah! you know!!! Cube's summerfestival!!!
everyone: oh!

Yoseob: ding dong~~ correct!!... wait but why isn't Dongwoon answering at all?
Sohyun: isn't all members of Cube attending that event?
G.Na: i'm going too~~!!
Gikwang: me tooooooo~~!!
Doojoon: (evil face) let's all gooooooooooooooo!! oooooooooo~~ o yea~~
Gayoon: it's an outdoor event

Hyunseung: jamshil combined sports arena mini field (it's just the place)
Doojoon: dude! I could even play soccer!
Jihyung: here it goes.. soccer!!
Yoseob: Doojoon it's not that~ it's not soccer~
Doojoon: ok;;;;
Junhyung: i heard they are opening a fantastic fantasy land this time
everybody: oooo~~
HyunA: i can't wait!!
Gayoon: pitter patter
Yoseob: kongdakkongdak (heart beating sound)
Doojoon: bul lung bul lung (another heart beating sound)
Yoseob: *weird laugh*
Yoseob: wait.. why is Dongwoon still not answering? has anybody seen dongwoon?
Hyunseung: he's not present within my two meter radius
Junhyung: dongwooooon~~~!!
HyunA: dongwoon oppa~~~!!
Gikwang: i can't see (literally)
Yoseob: dongwoonwooowow
Dongwoon: ayy what?
Gayoon: he's here!!
G.Na: here!
Doojoon: it's dongwoon!
Yoseob: where are you?
Dongwoon: right behind you
Yoseob: behind?
Dongwoon: I was filming
Yoseob: oh~ hey hey august 14th is
Dongwoon: fantasy land..
Yoseob: yea..
Dongwoon: united cube..
Yoseob: uh huh
Dongwoon: see you then bye ~
Can't wait for episode 2 lol.

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