Saturday, June 18, 2011


Been having weird dreams recently, every time I sleep on my own bed. They're too long to tell though, because my bed's one comfy bed. What I can tell you is that the first one was kinda scary, while the second one was kinda... weird, then there was a part that was scary. which was when we were stuck in Korea without passports. Even I knew I couldn't run around stalking idols wihtout a passport - we had to stay hidden in a village and work our way back.
it was quite an interesting story - let me tell you at a time when I'm not really disappointed with myself about my exam results while other kids are enjoying themselves, hurrah, number 4 in class. *coughs to Nadhrah*

I don't know what's wrong with me. why didn't I study like I should've? that's it. I have to be serious about this. I can't do this to myself. I've made the schedule, and yet I'm not following it. I spent more than 3 hours sleeping, then wake up to go online. I suck.
you guys, wish me luck to change :( this is not good for me.
I have to be strong.

which, has no connection to whatever I'm gonna talk about next. or maybe it does. probably partially the reason I've been slacking off. lol I'm not exactly immediately changing T_T if I was then I'd immediately get myself away from this computer and start on my piano homework, but no. lol.

this morning I had tuition. when I first arrived, there weren't many people, and after checking which class I'm supposed to enter, I stand next to Room C's door. soon, Erika came to me, told me to hold the name board (probably because I practically look like I'm working for Andrew - standing next to classes, telling kids to write their name, lol) then walked off, telling me to write my name, laughing. I laughed sarcastically. later when she took the board again she slapped my face manja-ly. bored la tu. I wonder if she even remembers my name =__=

after awhile I noticed Ain and Sya's name was there, so I asked Erika where they were and she told me the cafe. I was greeted with "I hate you"s. how sad is that? well apparently they were just 'hating' me because I got them addicted to Block B :P well, that's my job as a K-POP friend. and I know you actually love me for it XD so we started talking bout fan-fics when Ika SMSed me where I am, so we knew they were here. we walked off, ready to go to class. we were like "Where's Khairun??" then she got in. panjang umur.

so all this happened in a flash - all the form 3 students got ready for Sej-BM class, crowding Room C's door. then students got out from the class, including Nuryn and Jia Yi :D Jia Yi squished my face with her very cold hands and Nuryn showed her blue nails (because yesterday I was suffering the same thing- blue nails like a dead body T_T) hers weren't as blue as mine though. so I was talking to Nuryn while Jia Yi was squishing my face, so that was annoying but funny. then Erika came out of nowhere and pretend-punch my face. we laughed but later was awkward; lol where did she come from.

so suddenly my friends were all "Mane Elyna mane Elyna" and I was like whudd when I saw him. yess, I saw HIM. I was like 'Oh yeaa, can't miss 2 weeks without seeing YOU!' then they told me and I was like "yeaaaa *smilesmile*" then when we enter the class I realize he's going back home, so I hurried back out to Nuryn and was like "Nuryn Nuryn that's him!! behind you!" I tried to be as quiet as possible but I think I caught his attention >.<" oops.
"where? where?"
"tu tu, yang tu," I said, pointing to his back. so close, I could touch him. his hair was trimmed too short though. he was walking out of the centre.
"white shirt?"
"yea, white shirt."
and he was gone.

later when I got in class I got all nervous. did he hear? do you think he heard? do you think he cares? how did I look when he saw me? what if he thinks I'm gedik? urgh, that would be the worst! Suaidah noticed how restless I was, especially when I broke that pencil into two, and told me to chill - think about K-POP. and that got me cooled down.

what terrified me more was after class, Nuryn's LIPS were blue O_O I had never seen anyone so cold - must be because she wore short sleeve. reminder : never enter class with the least clothing you could ever have on and sit at the most right. it's probably the worst idea ever when it comes to AC tuition.


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