Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'll never get things done.

the rapper. yang comel-comel tinggi-tinggi macam Key tu... XD name : Minhyuk. coincidence? maybe. but he. is. freakin. cute. lagu ni pun COMEL.


I feel sick. I feel stupid. I feel so many things I don't usually feel at these type moments - defeated. No I don't mean when both kawad and Blue got last, but so many other new things that I'm feeling, things that I'm still not used to feel.
Like I usually feel worried about what I do, how it affects what other people think of me. But usually it goes okay. Now I'm feeling the feel when it doesn't go okay.
I wanted to talk about Pumpkin a lot in many humourous ways but I don't feel like it anymore. I think I should stop stalking her.


"Seperti biasa, setiap hari gua berharap akan bertemu makwe comel dalam situasi romantik seperti menolong makwe yang tersepit kaki di pintu tren, menendang brader pervert yang suka meraba makwe comel, atau tumpangkan bahu gua sekiranya makwe comel yang duduk di sebelah mengantuk.

Dan seperti biasa juga, situasi romantik di atas tak berlaku hari ini."

- Mohd Akmal Mahfar, Blog Encik Akmal

When I read this I can't help but smile. LOL I feel the same way every time I get out of the house. Only I'm on the other side of the story, and I don't wanna get molested but a perverted guy, and no one would consider me as "makwe comel", so therefore my expectations for the guy of the story isn't very high.


I had a couple of things to talk about, but since my mom wouldn't allow me to use the laptop too long I'll cut out Sports Day. which was today. I think I'll rant too much. so let's talk about something else! :D

The Spiritual Thief

muahahahha SA Gossip Time~! lol. truthfully, I love to gossip just as any other Malay girl does. only I don't like to gossip about people I don't really know cuz then it's called fitnah lol. but when this happened to me, I don;t really need to know the culprit too well to know that she needs to change. period.

so last Sunday, I was busily doing my Science amali reports, since Pn. Hafizah likes the reports to be done earlier and all we have to do after teacher demo's the experiment is answer the worksheet and questions in the report. the next morning after Agama (which was right after recess, which was in surau) I looked inside my bag for my done homework and see that it's gone. I ask Nuryn and she ask me if this piece of paper on her table was mine and I was like "YEA, this was in my book!!" at that moment I knew someone took my book, cuz how can that piece of paper be here and my book be at home when the last time I saw it they were together?

but not wanting to blame anyone I still asked around, wanting to know if anyone saw my Amali. until Science came and I finally confronted Pn. Hafizah. she gave me 2 days to search for my book, not buying it when I told her I have a feeling someone took my book. Xueh Wei did a favour of asking out loud if anyone saw my book XD thanks. I hate doing that. especially if your voice shrivels at the end of the sentence or if no one pays attention, it's so embarrassing.

So the next day (I think i told this) I wrote on every form 3 class's board if they saw my book. on Wednesday afternoon me and Nuryn and some other people talked about this and Nuryn told me that Sonia wanted to borrow her file and Amali before recess, but since she didn't finish her work she didn't give Sonia her book. so she was our No. 1 suspect. 

Friday came and no one came to me about anything (except for Dr Jekyll, there was a mysterious extra in 3F and they asked me, but I don't think that was mine (I think I should've just took it though, it could be useful ><") ). So I told Pn. Hafizah this and she told me to buy a new book. I was so happy when she told me I don't have to redo the whole book >w< I liked this teacher since form 1, especia-- never mind.

the weekend passed and on Monday (this Monday) I was planning to buy a new book. but I didn't have money and I thought it was okay since I didn't have Science today (schedule 2). but then Agama came and ustazah told us to present the topic ourselves (it must be this new things she's trying so that students won't sleep. who? me?). our group was the first though, so just finished it off and went on with our own business (mine was sleeping. lol sorry ustazah, but you phailed.)

then suddenly Nuryn was pushing my arm, telling me to wake up. I opened my eyes and looked around, and the current presenters were looking at me, Iman and Nuryn and ustazah, and believe it or not, Pumpkin.

I was surprised (uh duhh) and woke up immediately. she (who's she? PUMPKIN OF COURSE!) came to my table and told me teacher wants to see me. weirdly the first question was where and she said bilik pengawas and second question who and she said Pn. Hafizah and like ok thanks and went. I wonder where she went after that. maybe she was right behind me. creeper.

thinking it's Pn. Hafizah, I knew she'd be near the lab. and thinking why so suddenly, it must be about my book. so bilik pengawas.. the PR? why would teacher be there? but I went there anyway. thankfully, the arrangement was Bilik Pertemuan, lab then PR so I sort of saw Pn. Hafizah but wasn't really sure. then I heard her calling "L******! dah panggil dah?" and I stopped in my tracks. yup. it was Bilik Pertemuan. and Pumpkin was creeping on me.

Pumpkin doesn't know the difference between Bilik Pertemuan and Bilik Pengawas. (i thought I said I should stop stalking her)

so yea, what a coincidence Pn. Hafizah chose Pumpkin to call me. weird, don't you think since she doesn't even know my name? maybe she learned in the past few days. good job, grasshopper.
and yes, Sonia stole my book. how many times I have told this story (since I like gossiping so much)? let's just put a short version then.

Monday morning. Sonia's at lost - she didn't bring her book, again! she looked around and saw everyone doing their work, so she came to 3E to ask for Nuryn's book - maybe not even return it. it'll be okay, since Nuryn's her friend and all. but then Nuryn didn't do her work! she say its okay, I'll just borrow your file then. and all is fine - except she still doesn't have her amali book! oh what to do~ Cik Ili, this cute skinny new teacher is gonna kill me~ 
then after recess, she sees that 3E is empty! haha! I shall seize this opportunity! but wait, I have to wait for the right time! if anyone sees me, I'm dead! so she came in a little later, when no one suspects it... but then, the Agama students are back early! sh*t! so she hurries to the table next to Nuryn and takes her Amali without really checking the fact that her writing is fugly and her work is totally messed up.   
back in class, she correction taped the name (Nur Elyna bt Mahzan who? this is Sonia's book!! Tanisha Sonia!) and the class (Erat is so lame! Fasih rocks!!) and wrote 'Cik Ili' by the side- all with red pen.
she passes it up - heheh I'm so awesome I didn't write scratch and yet work is done - and Cik Ili checks. suddenly she sees all the signature weren't hers! WTF! she looks at the cover and sees Sonia's name over a correction tape. she scratches it and sees "Nu--" then she scratched the class and sees "Er--" and she's like "...KAK HAFIZAH~~!!"

Stupid stupid Sonia. no matter how good your marks are, you're not really good at learning from lessons. don't steal a book from a different class. especially when they don't have the same teacher as you do. you just don't.

fun facts:
  • Sonia had been stealing since form 1.
  • Sonia was a prefect, but then she stopped dutying and started wearing pinafore.
  • we questioned if she quit or was fired, but she never answered. now, she doesn't have to.
  • she also stole a classmate's file, but she was discovered very quickly and Nazureen forgave her, which is probably why she learned to not steal a classmate's stuff.
  • she is still schooling in SMK (P) Sri Aman.
Okay fine it might seem mean to not touch on Sports Day at all. 

Congratulations to Ruby Red for winning first, although you guys kinda suck for stealing our cheer, I forgive you cuz I have awesome friends in Red house (Nuryn, Iman S., Ika, Ain, Sya and a few others). 
Congratulations to Emerald Green for winning second! you guys made a great comeback! to Naddo, don't worry omma. people respect you guys, they do, and your senamrobik WAS awesome, but I guess it was a bit messy (as usual, Blue and Green always have messy issues with their senamrobik). BUT. all your efforts showed - everyone knows you guys were awesome, and definitely better than Blue!
Congratulation to Topaz Yellow, the house where most of my friends are in. You guys did a great job on senamrobik, although not keeping up with the usual standard. I think the song was to short and you guys didn't make as many formations. but you guys were great anyway!!

and lastly, to Blue. it's okay that we're last. really it's fine that the stupid (mind me) form 2 was freaking stupid and stubborn and deaf and huge and... I should stop. it's fine that our leaders weren't exactly the best leaders (lol I knew Thabeena wasn't captain material.. like my mom says, she's all show.) 

It's okay cuz our generation, the '96ers are gonna make us win in the year 2013!!! WOO!!!
(next year third la, okay? >~<)


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