Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My fav song from "Let's Fly" debut album :)

Alya's post lol XD Jae... adorable you... *pinches cheeks*

so tuition today. Sya got to see the guy she likes, for a second or so, didn't see him, probably went for 11-2. Nuryn's first class, I think she would adapt soon :) she seems to like Andrew's offensive jokes, but doesn't get Ms. Chow's kecoh-ness. it's fine, I didn't get it at first neither. in fact at first I was all "okay wtf this woman??"

anyways, Andrew gave us this form where the questions were... really interesting. I liked it. It makes analyze my satisfaction to life. it was specially for Secondary School students, to see how satisfied they are with their life. the student was a Psychology student. makes me interested in taking it lol. my mom would think I'm crazy. but it's an interesting topic, ya know. research on the human brain.

This really suits the mood here lol.

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