Friday, June 24, 2011


(lol uploading this almost crashed Chrome ><")

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who had given me strong words to hold on too :) I love you guys so much, I almost teared up when Nadhrah gave me the hug yesterday. I didn't know she read my blog, so I was a bit confused. You really are my omma, Naddo! :')
and Joy, thanks for always being there for me when I need it. I know I haven't done the same for you, let me just tell you that I will.

so about the above GIF.
Trust me, I'm not big of a Harry Potter fan but I've watched all the movies and I know 80% of the characters. so when I read Nad's and Xueh Wei's blog post I was like "LOL I'll be like the only Tumblrite in SA that doesn't have this" so I decided to sign up ^^ It didn't crash like Naddo and Xueh Wei's did, probably because not millions of people from are on the site now. it was rather quick, really, but if I was a real Harry Potter fan,  think I would've preferred all the hardship. it just shows how much of a Harry Potter fan you are ;)
sincerely, I think I only signed up because you could relive the Hogwarts experience? like RPing you mean? I LOVE ROLE PLAYING :D (<--- a Harry Potter thing made into an anime-lover thing) so yeah, can't wait to be a new person online yet again~

so as you guys know, yesterday I had tuition and yes, he came for 4-6 :) lol purple t-shirt, reminds me of the Biebster. and then he was wearing a cap too.. I bet he didn't really notice this XD we were sitting in the same row (tables next to each other) and, I guess I'm sort of paranoid, he was sitting in the middle out of 5 seats, like I was!
Okay see here's the problem. we all know I'm supposed to be concentrating for PMR. I even promised mom that I won't play around in class, or she'll threatened me to change tuition centre. there's like two other tuition centres in Old Town, TTC and Rakan Muda. I don't want to change, my timetable's set up and all my friends are in AC (my mom respond "pegi tuition nak belajar ke nak jumpa kawan?" to this)
Of course starting from now on I'll just tell my mom I concentrated and didn't play around, but I'll be lying through my teeth. I can't concentrate during Geo because I'd be nervous that he'll come in after this. I'll be looking at my watch and counting down the minutes. which is why, even though an A, my Geo (practically my best subject as I've said before) was an 85.

I don't know. Mollayo. let's just hope that things will get better, still, even when I'm gettin all nervous during Geo, even when I'm still sneaking the laptop away and failing the "impress mom" attempts (I wanted to fold the heaps of laundry downstairs and I thought "well lemme just download Only Learnt the Bad Things MV first then when it's DLing I'll just go downstairs" but then I got stuck what with the Pottermore and all that) so now I'll just finish up this post, the DL and take a shower, fold the clothes and then go to tuition (yes, again).


I love it when fans do this. Sigh. I wanna do fanart too.


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