Wednesday, June 8, 2011

say no no no no.

wow, Tumblr keeps me busy *__* better close the tab while there's no new posts. anyway.
thanks a lot Xueh Wei. now I feel like I should change my layout. sigh. I wonder where I can get nice ones >.<"


is this how it feels like to have a migrane? feels like the pressure in my head is so high that juice is gonna come out of my brain. I hate it. I think it's because of my inconsistent sleeping time. sigh.

anyway, yesterday I went to Chloe's house to do our NIE. when I arrived, Xueh Wei was already there. Chloe's apartment wasn't so far away from my house actually :3 although if you look around from my house you'd think it's impossible there's an apartment around lol. cuz it was on a hill.

so at first me and Xueh Wei was all fangirling about Ryan Higa and Xueh Wei got all offended when I said I liked Kevin better. Kay fine, Ryan's the better entertainer, and video editor, but Kevin is still very cute XD talking about cute guys, LOGAN LERMAN! Feel like reading the books now after watching Percy Jackson on Star Movies :D LOGAN IS TOO CUTE~~~

ehem, back to topic. so after a while we did some stuff online and discussed on our topics and all. Yes, we just decided on our topics yesterday. thanks to Xueh Wei for helping figure it out. then Sarah came, and we started doing real business >) well... sort of.

We did the header, which was BEAUTIFUL, then Xueh Wei was working on the cover, thanks to Picnik :D but we didn't do anything else... lol. no articles, no comics, no anything. that was it - the header. we decided both magazines would be the same name - Wings, and we even had a tag line and a nice picture Xueh Wei got from Tumblr. should've copied into my pendrive. cis.

I need to get started on my homework. I mean, a REAL start. hafal lisan BM, finish off maths... I wonder if other classes got homework... I don't see Yen Fern or Eva blogging about homework (other than tuition) ...

so that was yesterday. today, went to tuition again, and went to room A, cuz we know Sya's crush (F Guy is what they call him. but his name's Naquib. WHEN am I gonna find out his name?!) was there. later Asyraaf SMSed Khairun and asked where she was, and from room E he changed class lol. he wasn't there. but later I told Nuryn his friend was there.

"So you'd expect to see him when he's around?"

"Well not really, they're not that close anymore..."

"How do YOU know?"

Of course la I know! I'm an observer!! I observe situations and make acceptable conclusions to them!!
"They don't sit with each other anymore.."

in class Syarifah kept dropping stuff on the floor. I said "sebab nervous kut, duduk satu kelas dengan die." that awkward moment when Sya's pencil box fell and the guy in front of her helped pick up her calculator and saw there was a picture of Gikwang stuck on it XDD after that the guy didn't help anymore. what la.

during break we went out to buy 'breakfast'. when we got back Khairun told us Asyraaf winked at her and I'm like "EEE, lol, gilenye.. pervert kut" Sya laughed to my response. I know it's offensive, but winking's for like, middle aged perverts. if anyone winked at me I'd give him a smack. okay well not really but still.

after class Nuryn was all "I'm so hungry >~<" so she went to Secret Recipe to go buy something. like, Baker's Cottage was right behind us! Banyak sangat duit ke?! so after a while when everyone got back from buying topup I went to check out Nuryn. she actually bought two slices of cake T~T she said her mom gave her the money, so beli jelah. pepandai je.

outside Khairun told me dari tadi Asyraaf dolak-dalik lalu kat diorang tapi tak datang tegur. she called him "pengecut" XD guys. *shakes head*


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