Thursday, June 9, 2011

screaming forever.

YEN FERN!!!!!!!!
Jonghyun oppa...
He's mine...
yet I can't blame you for having that dream, he IS sexy T T

grrr. I haven't had a K-POP dream in a while. in fact, I actually haven't had a dream I can actually remember for a while. probably cuz my brain's trying to leave space so that I can memorize Science notes instead. sigh. those days are long gone~ can't wait for PMR to be over and done with T T

anyways, was stalking for a while just now. I knew it. Pumpkin cut her hair. I had a dream about this! (somehow I can remember that lol. maybe cuz after that dream I spent days wondering if I did really saw her with that awful haircut or not.) but that haircut wasn't like in my dream, the usual == people keep cutting their hair while I'm waiting for mine to grow longer! (mainly to cut it so that it looks better but still.)

wondering why Eva wanted me to online so much last night lol.

I'm sorry you got the---

--so don't call me no more~ *addicted*

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