Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today, Eva slapped me a lot. Like my thighs were probably red by the time I finally asked "Why do I keep being slapped every time I say the truth?!" tu pun her hands were already high up, ready to give me another slap.

These days, mornings don't feel so stressful anymore. I even shared my newspaper collection from Sinar's "Zass Korea" with Nuryn, Iman and Nadiah. probably cuz I finally lost it - I don't think I can ever feel stressed other than that moment I think about how mom will disappointed when she gets my results this Thursday during open day. Just hoping I'm not last or second last. or anywhere close to last. but the truth is, in my class, probably everyone got more than 2A's T___T Thank God I don't have any C's.

so during recess I went to gallery with Dina and Eva to listen to her new song. truthfully I can't help much music-based, that's her thing, but some of the lyrics were awkward (but totally the truth). and that's where I come in! :D she gave me the paper to edit anything, then we went back to class cuz I had to write on every class's board if they saw my Science amali or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. no response so far. then lepak-lepak as usual. (BTW I LOVE COMEL~~~ KUU she's just so cute and her fur is so soft~~ xD)

After recess was BM GAAARGHHH did lisan lol. it was scary, although my nice nice and technically-new-so-we-sort-of-took-advantage-of-that teacher gave me 26/30 although I memorized it like on the spot! :D YENF how much you got with the new teacher? XD

Then we had to go for this anti-dadah pameran thingy and there was a breast cancer stall. it was really... awkward. there were 'sample breasts' which had lumps, dangerous lumps, and we had to feel it up. the old lady was all like "here, here, see, there's a lump there. oh here it is - under the nipple there!" and I'm like "uhuh, I'm not touching that." but I did. not the nipple, but the sample breasts. they were really rubbery. yek.

so then we moved on to the games. I found this word-oku thing, which was a change of sudoku, from numbers to latters. found Xueh Wei doing it too, so we did it next to each other. she found the word before she actually finished the thing, but she thought it was wrong.. but I finished the whole thing and got the same word. I couldn't concentrate on the second one, but we didn't have any time left, therefore I gave my paper with the second word-oku unanswered T__T it'll still be nice to win though.... I love sudoku...

Sejarah, Science, stayed back. when I got there everyone was crowded together at the astaka and I'm like "err, is there Biru kawad? if not I'm leaving" so I went to the canteen for companions and met up with Iman, Eva, Yen Fern and Lavynia! yay :D I was about to edit Eva's lyrics when she took it, and I'm like, lemme edit and she said "not in public" no one cares, Eva =.= they never do. especially not what I'm doing. so I don't have the paper, there fore no edit. what la you Eva.

at the padang we were all screaming for our houses at tarik tali. Eva didn't even notice she had senamrobik xD so I supported Biru number one, of course, but when Biru's not against anyone, me and Iman support Kuning! :D then we had a dilemma whether to support Merah or Hijau, although I didn't wanna support neither, I said Merah.. but now when I think about it, Hijau has nicer people xD I said Merah because my closer classmates are Merah... senior Merahs are mean though.....
we also had a conclusion that Eva's vibrating scream can be a disturbance. so whenever she screams at one side of the tarik tali, that side loses. and it really did work!! it has to be used some other time :D

then Eva had to go so Iman, Wye Mei and I went to teman her. we talked about stalking and stalkers and all that. yes, I told Iman who Pumpkin was lol. Eva told me Pumpkin didn't know who 'Elyna' was. and I'm like *rage of fury* *kicks her bag* then Eva had to leave... then after Eva left Iman and Wye Mei had to go for practice while I skipped out on kawad. was sooo bored~ till I met Ain :D

so we were walking out of the school when I suddenly felt a slight rage towards Pumpkin again. you don't know who I am huh? you don't care about your stalkers? well do you know how much people care about you? they don't even freakin know you. and you don't even bother knowing them. so all this rage coming towards me, I poured some of her water from her bottle on her bag.

Ain was so surprised, but I just walked away. she asking me why, so I told her she did something that I didn't like. she wanted to know who it was, so I gave her clues. sampai her mom dah sampai she couldn't get who it was. she told me that Tauruses are like that- they easily feel vengeful. I can't fully blame the fact that I was born in the earlier dates of May that I'm like this, so ya know. I felt kinda bad. I guess she doesn't deserve it. I guess.

so later met up with Iman and Wye Mei after they finished practice :D started talking about stalking again. She asked me "what is it that you wanna know about her?" and I had no answer to that question. she started saying how they always wondered whether she was straight or gay. no one actually knows - well, at least people we know of. I wonder if Sticky knows. so later when Iman had to go, I think that's what I actually wanna know - whether she's straight, or gay.

started talking to Wye Mei who was blur the whole time. she told me she haven't been able to concentrate lately. so we talked.. then I saw YenFern and I was like "bye Yen Fern~" then suddenly she turned around and I'm like "whoa, she heard me!!" when reality is she turned because Maria was talking to her =__= so then I was like "YEN FEEEERN!!!" and she turned around and I was waving~~ but she didn't see me. Wye Mei said it's cuz we're sitting down on the ground and told me to stand so I did, hurriedly so that I can say bye to Yen Fern before her van leaves but then -BUNK- my head hit this sign we were sitting under XD so I missed saying bye to YenF. I noticed she turned around again, probably trying to see who called her but she turned back to the front =____="

got back home, died.


Correction, I found them on weheartit.com while searching for NIE pictures XD tried my best to avoid Tumblr ;) plus accidentally searched 'teddy bear', our old main topic until we realized we couldn't fit it under a theme lol. changed it to 'obsession', and I'm creative director again~! :D

was wondering if weheartit likes K-POP and....



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