Saturday, June 11, 2011

you're going DOWN.

Okay I didn't wanna do this but...


First of all I was called cute TWICE today. what is wrong with people?! once was when I was touched that my tuition friends would actually wait for my ride to come before going home themselves (but apparently their transport came early so I was left alone anyways T T) then Yen F called me cute on the cbox. people, you need glasses. I'm not cute.
(so technically you guys are talking about personality but whatever. so I actually feel really happy when someone calls me cute but so what. I'm not. cute.)

So YenFern, I wrote this somewhere last night, not in my diary or anything just... somewhere, because I couldn't get it out of my head - the fact that you called Jonghyun YOURS.
I wrote down a few points out of many others why you don't deserve Jonghyun as much as I do.
Sorry for being mean :P

  • I drew him. I doubt you drew him YenF, as far as my knowledge goes you can't draw.
  • I keep GIF's of him in my phone. I bet you don't know what GIF's are YenF, or even if you do you wouldn't know where to get them other than Google and those aren't even good ones.
  • I told Alya to buy me CNBLUE stickers and she told me majority of it is Minhyuk's (the drummer). because Eva likes him, I'm planning to give some to her. I share my love. therefore I make a better Jonghyun-owner.
  • I sing to their songs and know not just their main track, but also the whole album. including the Japanese mini albums. His voice is beautiful <3 I memorize some of their album songs, and Lie (Korean ver.) is my ringtone. I wanted to change it, but I couldn't stand not having to hear Jonghyun's voice everytime someone calls me. If I could play the guitar, I would learn their songs. in fact I asked Ayah to listen to their songs but Ayah wasn't about to support my fandom. 
  • I'm a BOICE. and YenF's a Cassiopeia. you have Jaejoong. don't be greedy.
  • I don't mind if he dates someone. If he's happy, I'm happy. I just can't stand it when a Cassie claims she owns him over a BOICE *raises eyebrow at YenF* = =
  • I don't just love him, I love CN BLUE and I love their music. 

Hope it's clear to you now, Yen Fern. It was just a dream. Get over it.


p.s, no offence yea Yen Fern-ah XD here's some Music Mondays by eatyourkimchi to make you feel better lol.

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