Friday, July 29, 2011

i feel like crying right now.

Eva-chan, if you haven't, go check my status. it's about your blog post.

well I know that who ever lost on the first round of them handball game felt bad, but I think it gave a worse affest to 3E because, well, we were the first to lose. pagi-pagi lagi dah kena hantar balik pergi kelas, walking the walk of shame, while 3F is cheering for their first win, and 3C looking over us, half pitying us, half nervous. 3G was busy practicing, not knowing that it will all go to waste.

when we went back to class, everyone looked disappointed, even students who didn't play, like me. we lost by 3-1, and the one score was by Divyia. she tried cheering us up by saying that at least we scored one goal, but I know deep inside she wished she would've gotten more goals for our class.

so we moved on with life - there's no use crying over spoiled milk. later when we got back to class we heard the other results - 3G lost to 3C, 3A lost to 3D and 3B lost to 3H. so the next game was 3C vs. 3F and 3D vs. 3H. secretly I wished 3C won, even though Ika is in 3F, because some students told us a few days before the game that we'll lose and we'll have Pn. R's class. there's nothing wrong with Pn. R. no one really knows that Pn. R isn't all bad unless you're in her class, so we consider that as a mock. ever since then, we were determined to beat 3F.

and 3C won. yes. they actually tied but then there was this penalty thingy - I'm not really sure since I'm not really the sports type har. then we heard 3H beat 3D (I'm so sorry Eva. but baka la you! you have an injured finger and you still played?! haish. babo yah!!). then 3H beat 3C, then Laxmi passed by our class and whispered to Nuryn "3H cheated."

really it's not nice to bitch about people, but when we heard what the others said, we felt really bad. "they punched and kicked us... they ran with the ball... (really no one cares if you run with the ball anymore) and Cik N was the referee and their class teacher, of course she'd let her win!" when I asked Ain about this she said they didn't do it, but then she wasn't playing and didn't really watch so.

well today was the award giving ceremony and we had to thicken our ears and cheer for Hormat, because Ain and Aina are both from 3H. and today was so full of surprises. just before recess, I saw Adline pass by our class, holding something on her forearm, and then the bell rang and Ida came to my class and told us there's gonna be an injection.

really, it was so weird that 3C got the jab first, but later they went alphabetical order. I can't even remember the name of the disease. sometimes it feels like our parents don't even care about what disease. "an injection? will it hurt? does it have a complicated name? okay then. *sign* " then suddenly after the recess bell rang, there was an announcement that there's gonna be an award-giving ceremony for Bulan Kecergasan. it's all so shocking, that us 101 girls sang 'Shock' for a while.

tuition was okay. I lost hope for Ashraf. as usual  - I knew this would happen - this was just another one of those crushes that ends with nothing. but things weren't dull at all. we were all laughs, and we found a spider! it's so unique~ it's green and we decided to call it Lime. if it survives until tomorrow, it'll be our pet! :D but we confirmed that our debut single will be titled 'LIME'. heh. power la kitorang ni (perasan moment).

had headaches while doing graph of functions, although Ms Chow seems to really like my graphs heh. during my second or third graph out of six that we had to finish before we leave, I was trying to make a curve when suddenly the table shook, causing my 'curve' to look more like a 'vibration'. annoyed, I rolled my eyes and asked who was erasing so hard. it turned out to be Ida, and since we all shared one long table, the whole table shook when she erase. so every time Ida shook the table, we called out 'earthquake, earthquake~'

went out for dinner for Abang's birthday, but didn't feel the usual excitement we usually do. I can feel this family breaking apart already. Bakmal, please don't leave me alone...

p.s, Memoirs of a Geisha is a real page-turner, I can't stop reading it. Aiming to finish it before next Wednesday, meaning I read it in a week! :D
p.p.s, I changed my mind about divorcing Sammie! I think its because I feel threatened that she's younger than me but very much taller than me, but she's just too cute! plus she spasm in a very unique way in which even I can't explain nor try to do it myself, because its impossible for anyone else but Sammie to do.

Thunder of MBLAQ with his kitty <3 I think its name is Doong.. heh

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