Sunday, July 17, 2011

i miss you - not. / HOW TO MAKE CUSTARD~! (Lynn M ver.)

A fw weeks ago, I was feeling down, like no one really needs me in this world. It feels like everyone has a life, a pal and I'm here, just blank. So I was wondering what would've happened if you never moved to Ampang. I thought, she'd probably still my close friend, if not best. So I went to your wall, and told you I missed you.

You replied talking about how you're on a big debate competition and how fun it is and all. Are you heartless, I thought then.

But things got better. I felt like I finally have something to do with the opportunities I got, and I'm not missing that much anymore. It's okay, I can move on, I don't need you.

Then you post on my wall "sup lyna,imy ;("
what do you expect me to post on your wall?

"Oh hey, nothing's much is on, just great friends who's there if I need them and would actually listen to me, a cute guy I'm crushing on at tuition, and doing what's important."
But I'm not heartless.


So the custard is made!! God, I love the smell of the evaporated milk after heating~
I tasted it a bit just now and it's a bit tasteless and slightly acidic from the fruit cocktail but hey, I think it'll taste better as a dessert with ice!

So this is what you guys need:

  • custard powder (the measurements are based on the amount of servings)
  • evaporated milk
  • sugar
  • any other ornaments you guys would like to have! we got fruit cocktail and raisins, and we added canned sweet corned in the custard mixture.
so first, pour a cup (or whatever measurements you're using) of custard powder and seven cups of water (tap is fine) and mix well. put in a teaspoon of condensed milk (dunno why but my mom did it). you'll get this liquidy mixture, and it should turn orange at touch. if it's not, check to see if you bought corn flour instead of custard powder like my dad did!! silly dad. waster like 20 minutes mixing it until mom told to check the tin lol.

so then put it under fire at high heat (is this correct English lol?) and mix.  DON'T STOP MIXING. I have no idea why. the point of it is to crystallize the mixture, so when it starts to harden it won't lump. while doing that, you can also heat the evaporated milk. my mom added a pandan leaf so that it'll smell good :) I'm not sure if other people pour milk on their custards but that's how we do it in this household ;) wait for it to bubble and let it cool. 

so when the mixture is still on the fire, that's when I add the sweet corn. I dunno if anyone adds anything else. I mean this is the easier, homemade zaman prasejarah version so. when the mixture is thick and mixed well, you can stop mixing :)
while it's still hot, pour in the mixture (CAREFULLY, cuz it's hot. I care for you guys lol) into .. glasses? cups? nutshells? your choice of size. jangan sebaldi pula eh. leave it to cool in a tray of cold water :) my mom did this at first but flies started coming and the cool water soon became room temperature so we stuck it inside the fridge. 

to serve, just tip the container of the custard mix over into a bowl and add the milk. we added raisins and fruit cocktail on top, but just now my mom told me you can put raisins inside the mixture too! (like the corn) my brother who had these when he was at my level of experimenting added ice too, so it's cooler and suits the Malaysia temperature more :) 

I wish I had the time and money to experiment more~ I just had a peek of the custard recipes online and they add a lot more milk than custard powder XD hmm, maybe I'll get married to someone really smart and he'll do his PhD at US and I can use that time to experiment with custards. then when I get back to Malaysia I'll be  like the custard pro and I'll ask my kids to ask their friends if they'd like to order custards, and I'll make it as a side earning. then I'll write a book about a girl who made custards and had a custard shop and one day a boy came to the shop and became a loyal customer and they'll fall in love and get married. sigh~ <3


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