Friday, July 8, 2011


"You're my favourite bra.




Haha terkejut ke?
Shahira was surprised the first time Lea told her that. then she tried it on me (although I obviously knew since she said it a couple of times) so I rolled my eyes saying "Derr."

so it's as if Lea's saying I'm her fav bra. And I'm saying "Duhh, of course."

if, you wanna look at it that way.


This is dangerous but..
well I stopped stalking Pumpkin anyway
(I succeeded today!! woohoo! :D)
so there she is, with S--- Weedy. :3

this was obviously posed 
(its like they're helping us stalk them by commenting!)
to be like this knight saving her his princess~
or maybe a boy at prom seeing this pretty girl sitting alone and asking her to dance~

just imagine, people~

isn't this scene just beautiful?
doesn't Pumpkin look like she really likes Weedy?
(thanks a lot Joy for making me think like a looney right now)


well enough funny talk. now some serious talk.
okay fine I can never be serious when I blog.

well, I got some exciting news~~!
but before that, let's talk about what's been going on this whole week.

I really did try to study, but I couldn't help it. I kesian at the kawad people. plus I feel the responsibility as secretary of P.P. Coy 7 that I had to do this. for Girl Guides.
*semangated + patriotism*

lol anyway. the competition was this Friday a.k.a. today so we had less than a week to practice. since we didn't have enough people anyway, we didn't stay back on Monday.

The next day I was hyper. the day before I was so excited cuz my life finally became a tinsy bit more exciting than usual (seven people talking and looking at me while I'm against the wall and Pumpkin was on the other side of the walkway? THRILLING. I LOVED IT.) but Tuesday, I just had too many strawberries. plus, Sya gave me exciting news! she replaced her BM Sej on Monday 4-6 and she saw A-- wait you guys don't know his name yet. And she saw HIM! that confirms it. anytime I can't go on Sat, I'm replacing on Monday XD

so that afternoon I went for Jap. Eva was all emo but I just went along with it. 3.30, we had to go and Eva really hated me cuz the others were discussing about Hari Ko-Ku!! SUSHI!!! anyway we barely did much other than march that day, plus I had to go at 4.30. Eva apologized and said she hated everyone during Jap just now. It's okay Eva. as long as you don't punch me in the guts, it's all good.
I barely found time to do my homework so I set aside the things I didn't really have to hand in until next time. I studied Geo and Ayah was being all smart-ass with me when he marked my exercise. (no dad you can't measure the length of a river with your finger. you need a thread.) should be happy I slept around 12.

the next day we practiced a bit more. We sucked marching so much though, we barely finished off with around six or seven people trying to figure out the second formation. 
that night I finished the important homeworks and did Sejarah exercise. marked myself. slept around 12 again.

Thursday, I couldn't feel the thrill anymore. things cooled off and were boring again. probably because Eva didn't come. Things were funny with Mr. Yap, our young Chinese teacher though.

we had Chinese class this day and I thought okay well it's Group A's turn! I can relax and walk around school and stuff like that now~but then Mr. Yap seems to like Group B a lot and decided it's Group B's turn (*eyes lousei. IT'S BECAUSE OF NINA RIGHT?!)
but then Nuryn was making jokes all the way. she said to herself (so only me and her can hear) "Darling, can you move a bit?" when Mr Yap was blocking the board with his height. we were laughing by ourselves. then Nuryn was bored and said "I have small *****, kan kan?" and she pointed at lousei. me and Iman were laughing and giggling.
how could you Nuryn. and with a teacher. tsk tsk tsk.
then when school ended I wanted to change so I took off my tudung (duhh) then suddenly Mr. Yap entered the class. I looked at Nuryn looking at me. I went down behind my table, trying to cover as much hair as I could with my hands (which wasn't much) and Nuryn gave me my tudung. Nasib tak bukak baju lagi tau tak.
I kept peeking to see if he's gone then Nuryn keeps saying "Okay--WAITWAIT he's stopping!!.. okok da-- WAIT he's still here!!"

Eojjeomyeon joha, Eojjeomyeon joha...
(Maybe I like you, Maybe I like you)
-back to real life-
that afternoon we worked so hard on kawad and finally finished the formations! I was happy with the situation, (naneun ne modeun ge joha (joha joha) but it would've been better if we had more time to practice. the competition is THE NEXT DAY. 
that night I slept super early like 9.30 only to wake up at 11 to do my homework (cuz I don't want too many left for the weekends) and I slept at 2 lol. 
the next day finally came and .. I didn't feel nervous at first. but then when we marched in I could feel my intestines turning. their attentions are all on us now. I made it through without making much mistakes (alhamdulillah) but then I looked back at the video (which I asked Lea to take, thanks babe!) and Shahira was making faces, Khairah stood up too early and crap like that. people kept saying I had such a serious face. I think I'm good at that - pulling a straight face. lol.
 I also noticed omma was angry at us for not being serious enough OwO sorry Naddo~ we tried our best? yeah? :D

Xueh Wei, Nadhrah, Shahira, Ika and me.
hopefully we'll win!!! ><"
thank you Nadi senpai, Shahirah and Nadia senpai from KP for helping us!! 

then were the sales~ first things first, I went to support the Japanese club at the sushi stall woohoo! :D I made a temaki (well that was the only thing available other then vegetarian so.) and it was awesome! Ain did one after that too. so after that us 101 girls went to the padang because we were told to for this tarian Sumazau thingy. but instead we had a photoshoot!! :D our first photoshoot hehehe. (I know you guys are blur bout this 101 thing. its a group we made. done.) 
I went for taekwondo workshop too! it was awesoomeee :D Iman and Nuryn are the best teachers ever! hehehhe it was fun pushing Nuryn down. if I could do that to Eva it would've settle some hits made unfairly... but she didn't come :( THINGS AREN'T AS FUN WITHOUT YOU EVA. stop merajuk-ing already.

so after was recess which me and Ika spent waiting for the three =__= then we entered the hall for the ceremony! and I FINALLY saw M&M. it's hard la. she's a form 5. the ceremony was boring (duhh) cheered as loud as I can for Naddo and Xueh Wei omma and appa. then some performances. gotta say, the karate thing was kinda cool :D Zaimah, Zarifah, never told me anything eh! patutlah Zarifah's so good at playing Kingdom Hearts. I mean just look at those moves! she could beat Xemnas anytime XD
(that reminds me there's a long ruler in Bilik Jahitan B and I think it's secretly a samurai sword. I wanna play with it in a bigger space!! I wanna cosplay as Ventas :DD he holds his keyblade awesomely >w<  lol Lynn you wouldn't have noticed if Zafirah hadn't pointed it out... whatever *slaps self)

so went back home after that and got ready for tuition kehhehee. biggest news coming.
2-4 sat at the back blablabla. 4-6 NOW 4-6 HHEHE 

Khairun and Ain were sitting at the third row originally, so they got us seats in front of them T_T i don't like sitting too much to the front, 4th row is usually the prefect spot - I'm in the middle of the class so I get to concentrate and he would sit somewhere near the front so I get a good peeking spot too. but whatever. anything's better than the back seat - you'll get the air-con drops. yuck.
so I was talking excitedly to all of them bout 101 when suddenly someone's chair stepped on my toe. I turned around, "owowow"-ing and I see him enter the class. hey you. lol.
he sat the same row again, IT'S SO HARD TO SEE HIM. so first subject was Science and there was this one time Andrew went out of the class. I turned around to Khairun.

"Boleh tanye skarang?"
"Okok jap."

so she texts Asyraaf, and we continued talking bout 101 after trying to describe my crush for Khairun to tell her guyfriend-soon-to-be-boyfriend. then Andrew enters class and I looked front.

"sent," Khairun told. I nodded. my blood system went nuts at that moment. I felt warm at places and cold at others. I squirmed in my seat and kept glancing at Asyraaf to see if he's replying. he's talking. that son of a-- no no he makes Khairun happy. then I looked at Khairun a couple of times. she gets that I'm nervous.

"Sorry, he's too busy flirting with the girls kat sebelah die." I looked at Asyraaf and he just looked into his phone. 
"Die baru check phone la," I told Khairun. girls. haha.
after a while, I heard Khairun snorting to herself. did she get it? did she? then Khairun called me.

"Elyna, you won't believe it. His name is Ashraf too."



at least, that was my first thought. okay fine I still find it shitty until now. WAE KURAEYO?! why is Ashraf such a popular name?! why am I so upset that his name is Ashraf lol?!
well maybe cuz it'll be hard to differentiate them later when we're talking bout them. secondly, there's gotta be a million other Ashraf's on Facebook.

well when class was over 101 wanted to take a picture so since Azzam was around, why not? but the picture was crappy (Azzam obviously has little experience with digital cameras). and all the while Ashraf was around. even when we went downstairs he was behind us. he was waiting for his friend. sigh.
I have so many thoughts right now you would vomit if you read them.

oh yea. Idah told me Azzam coupled with a form 4 in our school. I have so many opinions on that, I'm not even gonna say it. But Azim (their eldest brother) is dating Zaimah, which is great! I love Zaimah :D she's so sweet and petite. sort of matches the big, rough image Azim has XD


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