Friday, July 15, 2011

Simon don't even think about it!

'Hatiku mula panas. Aku memang sudah lama berbulu dengan Cik Dugong. Seboleh-bolehnya tidak mahu bertegur sapa. Sejak kematian lakinya, Ngah Dugong tempoh hari, ia bukan main ligat lagi. Pantang nampak jantan lalu lalang, mulalah tersengih-sengih tidak tentu fasal. Aku tunggu kesempatan saja berlakunya kesilapan. Dan, sekarang dia cuba pula menasihatkan aku yang bukan-bukan. Bengkak aku dibuatnya.'

my fav paragraph from cerpen 'Dugong'.


How was the movie, omma and appa? I know you guys are celebrating appa's birthday without me, but I wanna go watch a movie with you guys one day too~!
And I also wanna watch HPDHP2 tomorrow night! Hopefully Abang ajak tengok so that mom wouldn't mind XD



  • decided on room arrangements for 101's dorm. Sya (leader) gets a single bed but shares the master bedroom with Khairun and Ika (who shares a bunk bed). me and Ida shares a bunk bed in room1 and Ain and Aina shares a bunk bed in room2. 
  • had seni - Yap Eva, super awesome artist senior was doing her course work!!
  • I was nervous but with Xueh Wei on my side, I braven myself up to ask Eve for comments on my latest drawing of 101!! >w< and she was totally cool about it! she even told me later she felt so terharu :'3 
  • Good comments : she likes how I draw clothes, and my hands and feet are okay for my age. Bad comments : I should work on my stroke so that it doesn't look too sketchy and it'll be easier to colour.
  • she even added me on Facebook! XD lol
  • sat between Shahira and Zalikha for Japanese (oh yeah we STILL haven't found out the kawad results! sad)
  • felt like an outsider when they talk Japanese. I mean I sort of understand, but I can't really join in cuz I don't speak Japanese as much as they do. they speak Japanese even at home!
  • I wish I had an older sister who went to my school and took Jap and spoke Jap with me at home :(
  • will NEVER sit between them again.
  • was fasting and stayed back for Girl Guides. we didn't really do anything, so I got all bored and emo. Shahira even left me alone there! well I can't blame her, I was doing maths lol.
  • then these two humans passed by and one of them ran away and the other asked what meeting is this and I said "Girl Guides" and she said "I ingat Pandu Puteri tak best!" terasa kut. I mean, Girl Guides brought me to Singapore through KTM! I travelled 7 hours straight, and was the only one in my family to actually pass Tanjung .. something something (that last station before we enter Singapore). can you go there now? no. cuz it's sold now. can taekwondo bring you to Korea to match all those taekwondo people? not really. 
  • I didn't say anything to her in actual life. 
  • had a study group with the 101 girls minus Khairun. only studied 1/5 of the time. spent the rest talking bout life.
  • Ida cried twice just that afternoon! :(
  • asked FS if she really has a boyfriend and she said yea. she said it's been for 1 year plus now. I wondered how he looks like, and she told me to look at her profile. he's actually quite okay looking :) has dimples kut. imagine a smarty pants like FS having a boyfriend. fuhh. I'd never imagined, really! I've always thought she's the goody two shoes type. 
  • prefect installation. missed all the prefects. asked Ashwini later, "How were the VI boys?" and she said "VERY DISAPPOINTING! They weren't hot at all! they were just average.." cuz she told us once that's she's expecting the VI prefects cuz last year they were hot. you know, I've always heard that VI boys are hot, but I don't know any of them. only one - Adam Syafiq, and he's just a looker, not hot at all. plus he's annoying.

yea I decided to make a whole section just to talk about tuition. well today I was caught off hand. he came for 2-4! he came in along with Ika and Sya. Sya told me he was right in front of them and she was like "Elyna's guy Elyna's guy" whispering to Ika. well I hope she was whispering. 
in class he sat at the most outside in the row in front of me and I was second outside. I had quite a good view, but I didn't wanna stare. I tried my best not to. 

oh yeah, welcome to Andrew Choo, Chloe! :D see you for BM Sej tomorrow~!

I told Ila who it was. like finally == I noticed that he's probably left handed. I told Khairun and she said left handers are one in a million and I told her "no lah, belambak kat my school." I'm thinking bout Xueh Wei, Iman N. Khairun : "Nak kena tembak eh? XD" orang compliment nak menidakkan lagi plak eh. 
Then Khairun noticed his pencil box - the geometry set box. what a cheapskate. I told Khairun if I knew his birthday, I'd get him a new pencil box.
then during break he went out to write his attendance and so did Ika. Sya told me to tell Ika to write her name too, and when I got out I told Ika so. she couldn't hear so the amount of time I was at the door was too long. I even murmured something when I saw his shorts. something like "OMG shorts.. his calves.."

astarghfirallahalazim... this is why I don't really like guys who wear shorts. godaan syaitan. 

Ika was like "You saje je kan!! *laughs*" I'm like == "Ika takle obvious lagi ke. Sya suruh tulis nama dia la!!" and I went off. menyampah!!

then 4-6~ Sya came to sit next to me and I offered her my seat. Sya was like "Oo, okay, I get it I get it" and I was like well technically that's not the only reason. taula you nak duduk ngan Khairun lol. then Ashraf was saving a whole table for his friends and Sya and Khairun got overexcited. I was like "YOU GUYS NI OBVIOUSNYE MENYAMPAH." but then when his friends came in he sat second most inside. I was sort of sad, but it's okay. then Khairun went over again when coincidentally he was right behind her Asyraaf. 

there was an incident between me and Ashraf's short friend who sat at the most outside. his bag hit my back and he said "Sorry" and I jeling him. what's jeling in English? roll eyes? well technically I didn't roll my eyes... I felt kinda bad cuz I'm that careless too. wouldn't I feel offended if someone jeling-ed me for an accident? 

then during maths some people didn't bring their papers, so Ms. Chow rearranged the students. that same short guy with the deep Elvis Presley voice had to sit in front of me, beside him a.k.a. in front of Sya was Asyraaf's friend. get it? Ashraf and Asyraaf's friend was sitting in front of us? XD 
I told this to Khairun and she told me difference is that Asyraaf's friend was tall and cute and I was like "ceh, terasa" and she said that's the point. harr.

when class ended, us as typical nice girls waited for everyone to go out first and then Khairun was all "cepatla Elyna!!" when there were only us and Ashraf and his friend was left. I suddenly had cold feet and stood up, but couldn't look up. he went out first, followed by his friend then I went. 

Conclusion : Ashraf does not take any interest in me or whatsoever, cuz if he does he would've let me pass first. it's okay though, cuz this is all for fun. I thought I was serious about this, but decided to not take it seriously. PMR is more important anyway. this is just a distress thing. 
Ain told me that her ustazah told her that at this age, the girls are the ones yang ada hati for guys, while the guys are just playing around. they're still maturing, while we've matured years ago. 
I asked Bakmal once if he was into girls back when he went to Andrew Choo and he said, well he didn't really care about girls back then, he was just fooling around. So this sort of proves the point. guys my age are hopeless.

FS's boyfriend? those are one of a million guys who's more mature than other guys. susah nak jumpa. FS is lucky :)


P.S, the awkward moment when you wanted to post an awkward moment on your blog when you notice the people who read you blog.


wanted to post Hyuna's Bubble Pop, but then seeing how sexually orientated it is... how did Joon end up there?! T_T

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