Wednesday, July 27, 2011

takutnye Q_Q

'marriage'. sigh. so many people are 'married' these days. well not that many but ya know, when Eva was all manja-manja with her yeobo (Yen Fern) I was so jealous. I wanna manja-manja with someone too~

So last period I asked omma who I should marry. First choice was Nuryn and I was liked "NO~! She's my deskmate, she's like my close pal~!" then they started suggesting people like Ika and Ida and it's weird cuz like they're my friends I don't wanna marry them -,- then they started naming people who I don't even know well and I can't manja-manja with people I don't know well!

then suddenly Eva and Lavynia passed by the class and I think Eva was looking at me so I stared back until they were out of sight and just before they went out of sight Lavynia waved at us. "How bout her?" omma asked. I knew she'd ask.

"But I don't know her that well~" I could feel Nuryn looking at me, knowing how I feel. Then I went to ask Eva something but then there was a teacher in her class so I went back. we tried thinking of other people, then I whispered to omma "Actually I would love to marry Lavynia."

"Then you should!" omma reassured me.
"Who? The girl who waved? her name's Lavynia. she's in the orchestra." said Khairin, who keeps telling me she's my biological father. I don't believe her. I know I got Xueh Wei's blood. Omma told her that I knew that, that I knew all that (har). so I told her then I'll have to wait awhile, cuz I'll have to know her.

I mean, who randomly asks a person if that person would marry him/her without even knowing each other really well?
well if you guys have read the cerpen Hikayat Mat Jenin...

well whatever. later I met Sammie Tan, a junior and asked her "...Didn't I propose to you the other day?" and she suddenly remembered too. with Eva and a random junior's help, we decided that I'm the wife and Sammie's the guy. before she left she said "Bye wai-fu~" which is weird and totally different from Eva and YenF... they're always hugging all the time.. huhuhu my hubby doesn't like hugging T T

I'm thinking of divorcing Sammie soon... I know she didn't do anything wrong, but since we're in different forms it'll be hard to see her even once a week. plus our friendship holds onto choir (which I'm contemplating whether to rejoin next year or not) and drawing, so it's not very strong. I'm not sure though, maybe I'll just wait awhile and maybe she'll forget and it'll all be okay. but sometimes things like this aren't easy to forget T_T I;ll just explain to her after PMR.. that should be the best time.

haish. fifteen and thinking of divorces. I told my mom I don't ever wanna get divorced though, cuz real divorces are harsh and hurtful and complicated. 'divorce' right now is just like a minor break up from a relationship that wasn't even real, and based on virtual bonds.

well my dad is being annoying right now. btw I'm reading Memoirs of a Geisha - cuz I want to. heh.


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