Saturday, July 9, 2011

thoughts that probably don't matter.

but I'm gonna say it anyway.


Let's just say, okay? Let's say I have a special guy friend (Allah, kuatnye berangan..) and ya know, I really like him and he layans me as if he likes me so I'm sort of interpreting he likes me too, whatever. But the only things bout him is that he doesn't like K-POP.

Okay maybe it's sort of impossible for someone my age or my generation to not like K-POP, but ya know there are those type of people, like Khairin. she says she's not really into this techno thing. she really likes those British bands, and she's a huge fan of The Beatles.
and then there's Hanna who said out loud "K-POP sucks!" this one day. I didn't say anything cuz well, everyone has opinions.
and also *** who told us 101 girls one day while we were fan-girling "Sorry la tapi K-POP tak best la. dah la tak handsome." I'm sorry they don't look like the Biebster, but at least they don't grab girls' butts in public. Gomez should feel ashamed herself.

Anyways, so the conclusion is it's possible for me to have a special guy friend who doesn't like K-POP, because the people above are great people anyway. But I wonder. What if one day he tells me I should stop liking K-POP?

It's like if I wanna marry someone who's not Muslim, and that person tells me to change my religion.

Now, I'll say that I'd tell him no, I love K-POP, it makes me smile when I'm down, if you like me for me you shouldn't mind that I like K-POP.
But what about later? Will I like him too much that K-POP doesn't even matter anymore? Will he be the one to make me smile when I'm down?

the 'now me' knows the truth. somehow, I will give up K-POP. I'm just hoping that I'm wrong.


I was browsing through my own videos, and thought, hey, I was quite good at editing back then. I think I still would be editing, if it wasn't for the fact that my computer's broken. I remember listening to songs I like and imagined editing KH videos to it, and the ones I find possible I'll try to make. I was different back then XD
Harith was the one who got me editing. it was one of those innocent form 1 days. Later I started to dislike Harith, and right now I don't think I should have. he's human. he makes mistake.

well here are some that I think are worth watching.. I guess XD

that last one makes me cry. and makes me feel like playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. and I know I'll cry when it ends too. I LOVE XION OKAY. SHE'S SO COOL.
my favourite out of probably the only 4 girl characters in KH. KH's still awesome anyway. BECAUSE OF ROXAS DAMN HE'S CUTE


he is just so cute I love him too much gaargh <3 *glompsSandeuleverytimehedoesthat'a~ng'thing


This cutie <3 so adorable when you smile. and I noticed he looks a bit like Jinyoung XD


p.s, oh yeah, kinda obvious that YOUTUBE'S BACK! WOOHOO

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