Sunday, July 24, 2011

who are these humans.

*All criticism is for entertainment purposes and not to pull Super Junior down. No offence intended. (I mean, I love SuJu too!!)


as we all know, I started off liking K-POP with Super Junior. maybe you don't, but now you do. well recently had been releasing their 5th album comeback solo pictures and I haven't been interested enough to look, although all my friends told me to cuz they look terrible.

do they? well. let's start of from the worse to the best.

what's wrong with his hair? it looks familiar but I'm not bothered to think real hard, but I believe it used to belong to a woman. 
Leeteuk is also wearing two coats, which should be accepted knowing the temperature in South Korea, but then it's both really thick coats, like the one you usually wear outside a jacket or a hoodie. plus, it's summer.
and look, he's wearing rope around his abs! that's just great. he looks like he's tied up to a railroad - with rainbow~

Eunhyuk is making a comeback as Cinderella. seriously.
see? the tiara. the dress. the blonde hair.
I mean the hair isn't that bad (if it wasn't covering his eyes fully) but she he really looks like she's he's cosplaying as a girl. the tattoos doesn't make him look any manlier - they're freaking roses.

I know Donghae's my bias in SuJu, but I have to be honest right? I mean since he's my bias I have to be most raged about his look anyway.
well it's not as bad as Leeteuk, but I hate his hair. I mean I loved Mir's double shade in Stay (MBLAQ) but this double shading is just wrong. I hate the colour, I hate the cut. (But Hae's eyes still smexy :D)
Another thing I hate is fur jacket. not because it's totally carnivorous, but because it's totally lame (in my opinion). very unstylish.
third is the rings. just lose two and you're okay.

The hair isn't that bad on Sungmin, I'm used to seeing him with it. but I prefer his fringe.
My biggest problem with this is the fishnet. firstly, if your reason of using fishnet is to show off his body, then you should consider where you put the 'Junior'. secondly, Sungmin doesn't have a perfectly shaped body. people won't gush over his body. try putting on Leeteuk, maybe he'll look good in it.
next is just the gun. you don't put guns in track pants. just saying.

since I can't see his hair, it's a bit unfair so I put Shindong second last. 
not much comments, except the background makes him look more like a diva then a .. guy with a gun?

Kyuhyun should consider smelling his armpit during a photoshoot.
not much comments, except I hate curly hair. but it's better than Donghae (apparently T_T).

well there's people who look okay and some that look like they dressed up in the dark (Seriously, ropes? how much crazier can you get?). SM seems to like weird things on their artists lately. especially SuJu - maybe cuz they know people will still love them no matter what. I mean the look at SuJu-M's latest comeback, they got feathers on themselves everywhere, and those crazy hats are just weird. but after a while people eventually accepted it.
I wonder how the rest will look like >.< I heard Kibum is joining their comeback! :D best best. now we just have to wait for Kangin. Hangeng dah takde harapan.

going shopping for Baju Raya Day 2 tomorrow! also, Abang's birthday present (this Friday) and Tudung Day 1 :3 Everyone (except Kak Ain, cuz she's pregnant) got their Day 1 outfits already. the theme is orange-y! :D I'll be skipping study group tomorrow so I hope it's worth it.
mom told the route plan just now and I'm not that happy cuz we're visiting Segamat on the 3rd day. Segamat best la. I love all the trees and the peacefulness~ and usually the third day we're wearing jeans, so then there's no Raya feel to it anymore... :(


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