Thursday, August 11, 2011


There's this person who I would like to call 'Cucumber'. That's all the information I can give you because anymore would make it too obvious who this person is. Thing is, she hurt me and she can't even see it.

And the reason she's called Cucumber is because cucumbers look like huge green d---


I pity my mom. Bakmal came home yesterday because he was slightly ill, but the fever caught on my mom and now she's sleeping on the sofa. I hate it when mom's sick because her voice turns all emo and she'll sleep the whole day long and I'll feel bad if I don't care for her (but since she's sleeping, what much does she need?).

Anyway I was reading my earlier posts, back in form 1, and here's a post I would like you guys to read... it's not that important you guys don't have to read it, just for entertainment, I just wonder how I can remember my dreams so clearly like that. the other day I dreamt I met CN BLUE and SuJu but I can't remember clearly how it went...

Currently addicted to Teen Top (especially Niel!! HE'S A '94 GAARGH kalau Malaysian he'd be a senior right now T_T)... SU-Pa Lu-lu-lu-lub~!

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