Friday, August 19, 2011

i loved today.

really, even if I have no idea if I'm gonna ace my Sejarah. I mean, I can't be sure right? and I'll especially hate it if I B it by one question. especially.

well I don't wanna talk about exam when I just had the best tuition day ever <3 my heart blooms every time I think about it~ sigh.

then I see you hanging out with Timothy and Azzam and I'm like

YEA out of all the people in the world pick those two - the forever gross guy Timothy and the forever player Azzam.

but still.
really I didn't wanna see him today. I wrote here that I should've seen him on Monday but I didn't -Khairun did though- then I saw him on Wednesday when they had that extra class thing. after being satisfied of my hunger from wanting to see him, I couldn't stop thinking bout him during the exam. my mind even wandered off during Sejarah's paper. I was like, omg Lynn why are you even thinking bout this?! concentrate!
so after that I really didn't wanna see him anymore. it's gonna cause mischief I tell you, if I see him again. but I did. and this time, I think it's really gonna affect me.

so this Sunday there's gonna be extra class again. I REALLY don't wanna see him. they're gonna separate the classes through KH anyway, so guys usually take technical right? I have a feeling perdagangan class is gonna be full of Sri Amanians lol. I had never met another school that has students who take perdagangan.

the extra class is gonna cost RM 30, but if I bring in a student, I get RM 10 off. I tried to call practically everyone I know would love to go (except for Eva, cuz she's got church) because his tips are really good, that Andrew! although I suspect a type of leak, I'm not gonna say more. but no one answered their phone. the only one who answered was Lea, and she couldn't come. Laila called back later saying she'll think about it, Adilah wasn't at home and wouldn't answer her phone, and Shahira Jalil's phone was switched off, and I SMSed her sister but no reply. lol your loss  even Yen Fern, who usually answers, didn't answer her phone =3=

but I wasted a lot of credit making all those calls...

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