Monday, August 1, 2011

ramadhan al-mubarak.

Yes, I am now officially AvisRain190 on Pottermore. I had awesomer choices before, I'm not sure why but the HP fans seemed to like Marauder.. and I got MarauderBlood3. Nadhrah and Xueh Wei both seems to like Marauder, but hey, AvisRain ain't bad.

You won't believe how badly I wan't that e-mail now. Xueh Wei registered earlier, and she hadn't got her e-mail yet. I'm getting nervous. Xueh Wei's name is 'FrogPurple78', and Naddo, who registered with me just now got 'FlooWatch44'. she said it was the best. Divya (I forgot where the silent 'I' is, 2G JOKE) I heard got Marauder-something too. WHAT IS THIS MARAUDER THING.

hm. I should tell Iman Naadhirah to sign up. she's a HP fan too.

saw the TwitVid on Xwei's blog. JB's funny. he's kinda cool, I guess. I wouldn't mind having him as a friend :) I can't imagine myself cone-ing, ever.

Then I watched Eva's video for her new song 'Caramel Days'. although I don't understand why it's caramel days but it's really cute. When I let my mom listen to it she asked if Eva chipmunked it. that was funny.

so all these aren't as important as this though - RAMADHAN IS HERE :)

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all Muslims out there :) my hopes for this fasting month: -

  • for me to not to miss more than 7 days of fasting. replacing is soo annoying.
  • for me to not be so tired to actually consider breaking fast. I did last year but I stood strong and ambik wudu' instead. I remember vomitting after Japanese class one day. dugaan, dugaan... 
  • for me not to do too many useless things, like fawn over Korean guys. Bulan Ramadhan la pula lol.
  • for me to not miss too many tarawihs. 
and yeah. Syawal I want to keep the money for future uses :D meaning the near future. like maybe if I get straight A's for PMR, and my parents gives RM100 for each A, I can add the probably RM250 I got for raya so that I can buy a laptop (if RM1050 is enough) :DD kalau tak boleh beli Korean stuff at Times Square ;)

heh it's the first day of fasting and I'm already daydreaming bout duit raya.

well, happy fasting everyone! :) I dared Xueh Wei to try fasting for a day tomorrow. I'm gonna call her tonight before I sleep to make sure she 'sahur', cuz she says she's too lazy to wake up early. lol.

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